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Get to Know Quill Duncan - Tim Duncan’s Daughter With Girlfriend Vanessa Macias

Published Thu Jan 09 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Quill Duncan - Tim Duncan’s Daughter With Girlfriend Vanessa Macias

Quill Duncan is a celebrity baby girl born to the famous but former Spurs player Tim Duncan and his girlfriend Vanessa Macias. She was born on March 2017.

The name "Quill" is an anglicized version of the Irish surname " Ó Cuill" which means "Forest", "Wood", or a "Hazel Tree".

Two Half-Siblings - Sydney and Draven

Quill does not have a biological sibling but has two half-siblings. His half-siblings both come from his father's previous marriage to Amy Sherill. 

Quill has one half-sister whose name is Sydney Duncan and one half-brother whose name is Draven. Quill and her half-siblings come together sometimes and have fun even though Tim and Amy are not on good terms. The bond, however, between the three siblings is as tight as it can get. 

Quill, her parents and her two half siblings.
Baby Quill with her parents and half siblings, Sydney and Draven.
Image Source: Familie De Sport

Goes To The Spurs Games With Daddy

Quill is one lucky baby girl who gets to see the Spurs match with half-siblings her age but also the luckiest because she watches it with her father. The father-daughter duo, sometimes along with Quill's mama, goes to the Spurs games to cheer them on. The Spurs fan are always very excited to see the game but also Tim and his cute daughter. 

Named After A Marvel Character

After growing up, Quill Duncan will definitely question her name and what it means. Making her job slightly easier, Tim has already revealed the mystery behind her name-keeping. It is no secret that the world loves Marvel, but does anyone love it enough to name their child after their character? Well, Tim and Vanessa do and named their baby daughter Quill. 

Tim also said that since her mama loves to write, Quill was named Quill. 

Uses Father's Shirt As A Binky

As unhygienic as it sounds, Quill was spotted biting on his father's shirt like who needs a binky. Quill, her mama and papa were watching a game of Papa Duncan's former team, the San Antonio Spurs. 

The video got a lot of cute remarks from fans but the well-wishers did not fail to point out that it was really unhygienic. We're pretty sure Quill's parents hooked her up with the best pacifier afterward.

Quill using her fathers shirt as a pacifier.
Baby Quill Biting Her father, Tim Duncan's shirt.
Image Source: KENS5

Parent's Net Worth 

Quill's father, Tim Duncan has a massive net worth of $130 million. He earned his net worth thanks to his successful career as a Spurs player.

Her mother, Vanessa Macias has a net worth of $1 million. She accumulated her worth through her career as a radio personality and a model.

Parents Relationship 

Quill Duncan's parents, Tim and Vanessa are both very happy with their relationship status. Their relationship timeline goes way back to when Tim and Amy's divorce was finalized. They immediately started dating and because of that rumors were spreading about how Vanessa is the reason why Tim and Amy got divorced. Not taking any unsolicited comments from anyone Quill's parent's love blossomed with time. 

The two are as happy as ever and have been a good example of how marriage is not everything and you can have a very good relationship with each other without getting married.

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