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Get to Know Late Priscilla Esterline - John Mellencamp's Ex-Wife Who Were TOgether For 12 Years

Published Sun Oct 25 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Late Priscilla Esterline - John Mellencamp's Ex-Wife Who Were TOgether For 12 Years

Priscilla Esterline came into the limelight as the wife of John Mellencamp. They were in love life for almost 12 years and got separated. 

She was born on 1st November 1954 in Tecumseh, Michigan, United States. Her parents are La Vern and Arvilla (Covell) Creger and have two siblings.  

Take a look at some facts about Esterline.  

Networth: $200,000

Priscilla Esterline had an estimated net worth of $200,000. She received some amount as alimony and child support from her ex-husband.  

Her formar John Mellencamp has an enormous amount of net worth $30 million. His source of income comes as a musician and singer-songwriter. He started his music career at age of 14. He formed the band called 'Crepe Soul' and work for numerous local bands but got fame in the 1980s. John also earns a huge amount as an actor, film director, and painter.

Former Wife of John J. Mellencamp

Priscilla Esterline was the wife of musician and actor, John J. Mellencamp. The two were in love life and were dating for a long time. In 1996, the ex-couple decided to become a husband-wife and exchanged their vows. 

Unfortunately, after having married life for more than a decade. They ended their marriage whereas their daughter's custody was given to the mother.  

Ex-husband John J. Mellencamp. 
Image Source: Twitter

Several Relationships of Ex-Husband 

Later, 'Heartland rock' singer Mellencamp got married to Vicky Granucci in 1881. They were together until 1989 and share two children. 

John Mellencamp with the second wife Vicky Granucci. 
Image Source: Vecamspot

Again, in 1992, he became the husband of Elaine Irwin, a fashion model. This marriage also didn't work and got official separate on 12th August 2011 with her also, he has two children. 

After divorcing Irwin, the film director started dating Meg Ryan but in the mid of 2014, they broke up. They were in a relationship for over 3 years. In July 2017, the pair reunite and also got engaged, but the engagement was ended. 

When Ryan and Mellencamp break up, John dated Christie Brinkley who is a former supermodel. The pair were together from 2015 to 2016. The musician is currently enjoying a love life with skincare expert Jamie Sherrill.

John Mellencamp with his ex-girlfriend Christie Brinkley. 
Image Source: Extra

Mother of a Daughter 

Esterline is the mother of a daughter, Michelle Mellencamp from ex-husband. She gave birth to Michelle on December 4, 1970. The mother-daughter duo stayed away from the media after divorce from John. Her child has already got married and is a mother of two sons. 

On the left Priscilla Esterline's daughter Michelle Mellencamp. 
Image Source: Closer Weekly

Life After Divorce

When Priscilla got split with Mellencamp, she started living a private life, away from the limelight. She was not in a relationship with any guy and raised her daughter as a single parent. 

Had Done One Surgery

She had gone into pioneering neonatal surgery which is for her a spinal defect. This type of surgery is performed in critically ill newborn babies after they are out of the womb. Her surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Heimburger.  

Cause of Death

At the age of 57, Esterline died on 8th September 2012 at Adrian formerly of Tecumseh. At the last stage of her life, she looked at her daughter Michelle Wilson and grandsons Aron and Joshua.   

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