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Let's Talk About Ralph Macchio's Wife Phyllis Fierro

Published Thu Mar 03 2022 By sijal
Let's Talk About Ralph Macchio's Wife Phyllis Fierro

Phyllis Fierro is a public figure who is working in the medical field doing her Ph.D. in medicine and pharmacy faculty. Besides that, the main reason for her being a highlight in the media is being the wife of "The karate kid" actor Ralph Macchio.

Phyllis was born on July 23, 1960, in the United States, she is a mother of two incredible children plus a hardworking housewife and a pharmacist. 

Early Life and Educational Background

Fierro was born in an ordinary family which was far away from media and public sight. She had a very formal type of behavior since she was a kid and a very humble behavior towards others. 

She spent her whole life in her hometown where she completed her formal education level and did her graduation from a prestigious college located in America. 

Opposite that, her husband Ralph was a media topic from an early age and was familiar with the internet world.

Professional Life and Carer

The wife of the American Short Film Award receiver was a talented student and had a great knowledge of health and medicines. With her graduation and skills, she is now a licensed nurse and had been working as a nurse and pharmacist in different fields. 

On the other hand, she has perfectly managed her time and works as a housewife and mother of children as well. With her husband's help, it has become easier for her to pursue her career and dreams even being an ordinary nurse practitioner.

Phyllis Fierro with her husband Ralph Macchio in their 19's where Phyllis is wearing a beautiful black dress
Phyllis Fierro and Ralph Macchio in their 19's. source: @Hollywood Wolrd

How much is the earnings of Phyllis as a nurse?

The wife of "The Three Wishes of Billy Grier" actor Ralph Macchio as a well-reputed nurse had quite enough earnings which had added up to her family's economic status. She believes in the fact of rather doing anything than nothing. 

Phyllis had got a very humble and supportive family which inspires her to do more for her family members.

Talking about her net worth the total estimated net worth of Phyllis Fierro AKA Phyllis Macchio is $180,000 USD dollars.

Marital Relationship Status

Mr. and Mrs.Macchio met back when they were just teenagers. Ralph was introduced to Phyllis for marriage and did their wedding vows in 1960.

 Away from the rumors and divorce culture, they are still together just like a fresh couple which is seen in their chemistry with each other. They have become a perfect example of a successful marriage in Hollywood without any controversies.

Phyllis Fierro with her family attending an award show which was sponsored by City Squirrel
Phyllis Fierro with her husband Ralph Macchio and two children Julia Macchio and Daniel Macchio in an award function. source: @The Pioneer Woman


Did Phyllis have any children?

Yes, Phyllis Fierro is the mother of two talented and beautiful children Julia Macchio and Daniel Macchio. Fierro gave birth to her first child Julia in 1992, as of now she is also doing several movies just like her father. 

Julia got recognition from the public for her movie "Girl Most Likely" as the fictional character Lucy. Likewise, Julia's brother Daniel Macchio was born on October 24, 1996, and had been working in a business after graduating from Boston University.

Julia is more like her father who is following his path as an actress and Daniel reminds her of her mother who is interested in studying things. 

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