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Phil Collins' Former Love: A Close Look at Andrea Bertorelli and Their Time Together

Published Tue Jan 23 2024 By Marie
Phil Collins' Former Love: A Close Look at Andrea Bertorelli and Their Time Together

Andrea Bertorelli, a Canadian-born actress, gained prominence due to her marriage to musician Phil Collins. She made headlines in 2016 when she sued her ex-husband over his autobiography, claiming it harmed her reputation. 

The couple tied the knot in 1975 and later divorced in 1980, having two children together. Following the divorce, Phil Collins remarried. Let’s learn more about Andrea’s life.

Andrea Bertorelli Wiki/Bio

Andrea Bertorelli was born in Canada in 1951, making her an American native with Italian heritage. At 71 years old, she follows the Catholic religion. Unfortunately, she lost her father at the age of eighteen, and a year later, her mother remarried. 

Andrea Bertorelli and Phil Collins when they were young.
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The family then moved to Canada. Andrea attended the Camberwell School of Art for her education but couldn't complete her studies due to her father's passing.

Andrea Bertorelli’s Net Worth 

While Andrea Bertorelli earned a decent income from her acting career, the exact details of her net worth and salary remain undisclosed. In contrast, her former husband, Phil Collins, boasts an impressive net worth of $260 million.

Collins owns valuable properties in Dersingham, New York City, and Norfolk. It's worth noting that Phil Collins has had substantial financial obligations in his divorce settlements with multiple ex-wives, involving significant amounts of money.

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Andrea Bertorelli’s Career 

Andrea Bertorelli had to abandon her aspiration of pursuing a career as an actress following her father's demise. She made an appearance on the Canadian television documentary series "The Passionate Eye" and was involved in various theater gigs and public events alongside her former husband. Despite her efforts and public engagements, Andrea did not achieve significant success in the entertainment industry. She maintained a low profile regarding her career and private life, choosing not to disclose much information.

Andrea Bertorelli with her husband, Phil Collins and her daughter.
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Her prominence increased due to her marriage to the renowned TV personality, Phil Collins, and escalated even further when she took legal action against Collins for the contents of his autobiography. Apart from her acting career and professional life, Andrea enjoys traveling, reading books, and watching films. Notably, her favorite celebrities include Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.

Andrea Bertorelli’s Personal Life 

Andrea Bertorelli, the wife of Phil Collins, first met him at the young age of eleven when they were both students in a London drama class. After her father's passing, Andrea's family moved to Canada, causing distance between her and Phil. They later reconnected when the band Genesis was performing in Vancouver.

After two years of dating, the couple got married on September 27, 1975, in a Catholic Church in Epsom, Surrey, UK, both being twenty-four years old at the time. Phil Collins adopted Andrea's daughter, Joely, born in 1972, and they later became parents to their son, Simon Collins, born in 1976. Unfortunately, the couple decided to separate, ultimately divorcing in 1980, with infidelity cited as a major factor.

Joely, their daughter, has pursued a career in acting and film production, while Simon is a former vocalist and drummer for the rock band "Sound of Contact." In 2016, Phil Collins released his autobiography, "Not Dead Yet," detailing his multiple broken marriages. Andrea Bertorelli disputed the content, claiming it contained false information and misconceptions about her. She took legal action against Phil Collins for revealing her private life to the public.

Andrea Bertorelli’s Husband, Phil Collins 

Phil Collins, born on January 30, 1951, is an English musician known for his significant contributions as a drummer and singer. His musical journey began at a young age, influenced by The Beatles and jazz drummer Buddy Rich. Despite not reading music notation, Collins developed a distinctive drumming style and formed bands during his school years.

After early acting roles, including in "A Hard Day's Night" and as the Artful Dodger in "Oliver!", Collins transitioned to music, ultimately joining the rock band Genesis in 1970. Following Peter Gabriel's departure, Collins became the lead vocalist, and Genesis achieved commercial success. Concurrently, Collins pursued a solo career, with his debut album "Face Value" featuring the iconic single "In the Air Tonight."

Andrea Bertorelli’s husband, Phil Collins.
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In the mid-1980s, Collins reached unprecedented solo success with albums like "No Jacket Required", featuring hits such as "Sussudio" and "Take Me Home." His versatility was showcased at Live Aid in 1985. Despite facing criticism, Collins continued his solo triumph with "...But Seriously" (1989) and rejoined Genesis for "Invisible Touch" (1986).

From 1996 to 2006, Collins explored various musical ventures, engaging in philanthropy and contributing to Disney's "Tarzan" soundtrack. His enduring talent was showcased in the "Not Dead Yet Tour." A Genesis reunion tour commenced in 2020, and in 2021, Collins expressed intentions to retire after its completion. His influence on drumming is widely acknowledged.

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Andrea Bertorelli and Phil Collins Divorce 

Contrary to appearances, the real cause of the divorce between Andrea Bertorelli and Phil Collins was attributed to Phil's actions, as Andrea filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. After their divorce, Phil Collins went on to marry Jill Tavelman in 1984, but their marriage ended in separation in 1996. 

He then entered into a marriage with Orianne Levey in 1999, and they divorced 9 years later in 2008. The financial toll of these divorces was substantial, with his separation from Jill costing him ₤17 million and his divorce from Orianne costing ₤25 million.

In the midst of these events, Andrea Bertorelli has maintained a low profile, distancing herself from media attention. Phil Collins delved into the details of his marriages and divorces in his autobiography, "Not Dead Yet," published in 2016. The book sheds light on various aspects of his personal life, providing insight into his relationships and the challenges he faced.

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