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Meet Peter McMahon - Businessman & Husband of Dana Perino

Published Wed Dec 25 2019 By aisha
Meet Peter McMahon - Businessman & Husband of Dana Perino

Peter McMahon is a Businessman or a successful entrepreneur who has worked in many retail companies. He is married to Dana Marie Perino who was a Former White House Press Secretary.

McMahon was born on June 6, 1954, in Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom. He is popular for his market sales through different companies. Let's find some facts about Peter McMahon:

What's his Net Worth?

McMahon is a re-known businessman and has accumulated $9 million from his career as a businessman in several retail companies as well as being the CEO of Shopko and Loblaws.

Graduated from the University of Liverpool

McMahon enrolled in the University of Liverpool after his high school education. He then graduated in business administration and management with a bachelor's degree in 1976.

Married Dana Perino after meeting in a Flight

A picture of Peter McMahon with his wife Dana Perino.
Peter McMahon with his wife Dana Perino.
Image Source: Answers Africa

McMahon married Dana Perino who is a political commentator, author, and Former White House Press Secretary. They both met on a flight to Chicago in 1997 and then dated for a year and got married in 1998.

Dana describes their love as 'Love at first sight'. McMahon is eighteen years older than Dana and was afraid that their marriage won't work out because of their age gap but now they have been married for over 21 years and are still together. 

Has an Ex-Wife

Before marrying Perino, peter has already been involved in one marriage however his previous wife's name hasn't been disclosed yet. From his previous marriage, McMahon had kids and now he has become a grandfather. In 2012, Perino introduced McMahon's granddaughters Sebastian and Rachel in one of the event show.

CEO of Retail Company Shopko

On November 25, 2013, McMahon was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the retail company Shopko. The company Shopko was one of the biggest Canadian food retail company who has $30 billion in sales.

Has Worked in Many Retail Companies

In 2002, Peter McMahon worked as the supply chain director in one of the branch offices of Central Europe which have become the third-largest retailer company in the world. Then in 2004, he worked in Germany by joining Walmart which is an American multinational retail company.

After working for two years in Walmart, McMahon became CEO in Loblaws Company Limited in 2006, which is Canada's largest food retailer. He worked in Loblaws for seven years from 2006 to 2013, before working in Shopko.  

Owns a Dog

Peter McMahon and his wife Dana Perino with their dog Jasper.
Peter McMahon and his wife Dana Perino with their dog Jasper.
Image Source: Taddlr

McMahon and Perino are fond of dogs as they used to own a dog named Henry who unfortunately died on March 25, 2012. After one month of Henry's death, they bought a new dog on April 16, 2012, who is of vizsla breed and named them Jasper. They love Jasper and treat it like their son. As we can see through Dana Instagram posts which are all filled with Jasper, who is taken everywhere at Dana workspace, vacation, parties, and even on the beach. She has also written a book about Jasper. 

Wife Wrote a Book

Dana Perino wife of Peter McMahon with her dog Jasper reading the book she wrote.
Dana Perino's wife of Peter McMahon with her dog Jasper reading the book she wrote.
Image Source:

McMahon's wife Dana Perino is also an author who has written two books. Her first book was published in 2015 'And the Good News Is...: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side' which is about the life lesson Perino has learned throughout her journey.

Then in 2016, Perino released another book 'Let Me Tell You about Jasper... .: How My Best Friend Became America's Dog' which has been pretty clear what the book is about with the name of the book.

No Social Media Presence 

Peter McMahon is not present on Twitter and Instagram. It seems like he tends to keep his personal life private and wants to stay away from the spotlight and media as well. But on the other hand, his wife is active on both Instagram and Twitter and has 388k followers on Instagram. As we can see McMahon through Perino's Instagram posts.

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