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What You Don't Know About Pauline Chalamet? "The Sex Lives of College Girls"

Published Wed Feb 16 2022 By sijal
What You Don't Know About Pauline Chalamet? "The Sex Lives of College Girls"

Pauline Chalamet is a famed Hollywood actress known for her muscular and feminine facial features alongside her screen presence and fictional roles in different genes-based movies.

Besides that, her brother (Timothée Chalamet) is also a Hollywood star face famed for appearing in many extraordinary films more like his sister.

Pauline was born on January 25, 1992, in New York, the USA as the daughter of Marc Chalamet and Nicole Flender. Pauline and, are the only children of their parents.

Early Life and Education

Pauline was a talented and active girl since her childhood days, she had also participated as a dancer and had a hobby of dancing singing, and acting. 

She grew up with her parents in New York alongside her brother but after some years they moved to France, Paris as a residential. 

For her education, the sister of the "Dune" actor had done her schooling at American Ballet located in her hometown and for graduation, she attended Bard College in 2014 from where she got graduated.

Pauline Chalamet with her brother Timothée Chalamet
Pauline Chalamet shares a funny pic with her younger brother Timothée Chalamet. source: [email protected]  

Professional Career and Filmography

On the side of being famed for her brother's career, Pauline had secured her own goal in life which had given her huge motivation and success to be an actor or director. She stepped into the industry after being debuted in the movie "The King Of Staten Island" as the fictional character Joanne.

 After that, she slowly gets to be known and got featured in adult-based psychological and physical TV shows and Flims "The Six Lives Of College Girls"(2021), "Comme des Grands"(2020)," After Dark"(2021), and many more. 

The winner of the Chicago Indie Film Award (2021) had only one film she had directed "Between Fear and Laughter". 

What's the total net worth of Pauline?

The Rhode Island International Film receiver had a very bold and formal type of personality which had led her to prefer a normal comfy lifestyle rather than a luxurious one. 

Chalamet had been earning well as she is listed in the list of the most popular actresses in the movie industry by 2020 till now.

The total estimated net worth of Pauline Chalamet is more than $ 6 million dollars as of 2022. Her main source of income is through acting, directing, and social media accounts.

Pauline Chalamet attending an award function with her family
Pauline Chalamet in an award show with her parents Marc Chalamet, Nicole Chalamet, and brother Timothée Chalamet. source: @Shutterstock 

Relationship Status

By dining into her social media posts it's too obvious Pauline Chalamet has been single till now, with no reference to her past relationships as celebrities want to keep their privacy in their control. 

The "Seasick" movie actress often shares about her private and professional life things going on in her life.

Because of her not being a regular social media person it gets hard for her fans and followers to be updated about her personal talks. 

It may be also a thing to discuss that many people may miss understood her sexuality and personality for being a lesbian but the actress herself hadn't talked about this matter at all till now. 

We can just assume this bold lady is single and busy making herself better and better.  

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