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Facts About Paulina Gaitan That You Want to Know

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By mi
Facts About Paulina Gaitan That You Want to Know

Paulina Gaitan is a Mexican actress and Producer and famous for her role as Tata Escobar in the Netflix original series Narcos. She played tons of movies till now like Insignificant Things, Sin Nombre, Codicia, La Cebra, and more.

Gaitan was nine years old when she started to work in shows. She was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal in 1992 February 19 to the parents Domingo Gaitan and Paulina Pardo Romero.

What's her Net Worth?

Narcos actor Paulina has a net worth of $1 million and her main sources of income is her professional career as an actress and as well as a director. 

Gaitan worked in TV shows and Movies where she collected a considerable amount of money. The hard work and skills makes her professional career in such profession, Paulina Gaitan’s earning is $1 million till to the date and will change the amount digits from her upcoming movies. 

Gaitan Hinting Affair With Luis Altuza

The current relationship status of Paulina Gaitan is not official as of now. But according to her post on Instagram account, on March 28 28 2015, she posted a picture and wrote “Alone” as a caption where she was seen with  Luis Altuza.

paulina posted a picture of her with Luis Altuzar
Paulina Gaitan posted a picture with Luis Altuzar.

 And on June 2015, She again posted a picture of her with Luis Altuzar, where She tagged her post with him and was feeling full caption and comment done by the couple. Technically, She is not single.

She Fights for the Role

Paulina is not from the family of acting background but she did started from stage shows since childhood. 

After she started career in TV, it was not easy for her to get roles so she had to fight for the role and do multiple auditions.

Paulina Hyperactive in Social Networks

Gaitan shares almost everything going on her life; she doesn’t care whatever her fans’ comment. She is mostly active in Instagram.

Paulina has 116k followers till today and nearly 283 posts made.

Paulina on Instagram
Paulina Gaitan is active in Social Networks

Gaitan made her first post on August 21, 2011, on her Instagram account.

Cresent Moon Tattoo in Right Leg

paulina's colorful tattoo of the lunar eclipse
Paulina Gaitan's skin tattoo

Paulina is one of the stars who love to have a tattoo on her body. She has a colorful tattoo of the Cresent Moon just above her feet on right leg which means to get rid of negative vibes. 

Lesbian Gaitan That She Don't Care

People believe that she is a lesbian and so she doesn’t care about love life. But this is not true and made it clear in her Instagram about that.

Top rated Movies of Gaitan

Paulina acted in many films which makes her such famous face worldwide. Narcos, Sin Nombre, Trade, The River, We Are What We Are, and Crossing Point is top-rated movies. 

We can also see on her upcoming film in 2019 where we can see her talent with a specific character.

Body Measurements of Paulina

If we talk about the height of Paulina, then she is 1.6 m tall, and her body figure size is 32-23-34.

Paulina has light brown hair and black eyes.

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