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Know Paula Throckmorton - Facts and Photos of Fareed Zakaria's Wife & Mother of Three

Published Sat Feb 27 2021 By Aashika
Know Paula Throckmorton - Facts and Photos of Fareed Zakaria's Wife & Mother of Three

Many people know Paula Throckmorton as the wife of Fareed Zakaria, a well-known journalist, political, and author. The couple has been in married life for more than two decades and parents of three children.

On 9th July 1964, she was born in the United States of America. Throckmorton graduated from the Harvard University and obtained a Master's degree in Business Art.  Apart from being known by her personal life, she is also a jewelry designer, writer, and meditation teacher. 

Let's look at some information about Throckmorton that people like to know. 

Net Worth: $700 Thousand

Throckmorton has a huge amount of net worth which is $700 thousand. She has been earning her impressive amount by a professional career as a  jewelry designer and writer.

Right after her graduation, Zakaria's wife began working as a newspaper writer for Wall Street Journal and Slate Magazine. There, she published her first novel, 'The Black Book: Illustration 1997'. Later, found interest in jewelry designing and established her own jewelry shop. 

Was Meditation Teacher

At the age of 19, Paula began meditation class to the person. She shared the practice and the knowledge with groups and individuals including women undergoing chemotherapy. Mrs. Zakaria now also gives some classes to the people if they need help. 

Husband: Fareed Zakaria 

Paula Throckmorton exchanged the vows to Fareed Zakaria in 1997. Their first meeting was on a blind date set by their mutual friend. The couple has been 23 years of married life and is the parents of three children. 

Paula Throckmorton with her spouse Fareed Zakaria at the event. 
Image Source: Getty Image 

Ups and Downs of Married Life

The happily married couple was going to get a divorce but they managed to give the second chance for marriage. The reason was Fareed's lack of attention to family life, due to his busy professional life. There was another reason too which was a secret affair of her husband.   

There was also a rumor that a shirtless picture of Throckmorton which went viral on the Internet. Later, it was proven that the person in the picture was not him. All the stuff of their life ended and now living a happy life with each other.  

Mother of Three Young Children

She is the mother of a son and two daughters with her spouse. Her children's names are Omar, Lila, and Sofia Zakaria. Paula's kids are living a private lifestyle and have kept some distance from the public eye. They sometimes appear on their mother's Instagram account. 

Paula Throckmorton's youngest daughter Sofia Zakaria with her father.
Image Source: USA Today

Active on Social Media

Throckmorton is quite active on Instagram, where she gained more than 500 followers. She has only posted pictures of nature and some family photos. Though, Mrs. Zakaria keeps her personal life away from the media but shares the pictures. 

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