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Paula Dietz - Dennis Rader's aka BTK's Ex-Wife

Published Sat Jan 29 2022 By sijal
Paula Dietz - Dennis Rader's aka BTK's Ex-Wife

Paula Dietz is a well-known public persona as a businesswoman. Dietz became popular after got published in the media figure as the ex-wife of the serial killer Dennis Rader.

Paula was born on May 5, 1948, in Park City, Kansas, Unites States as the second child. She was born into an average family and grew up playing with her little brother.

Professional life

Talking about the professional life of the ex-wife of a serial killer Rader she works as a service assistant in many companies from an early age after graduating from University.

After several years of working as a service in a mid-level company, she decided to live a normal, simple life with her family and worked as a library member.


Dietz completed her education at the local school located in her hometown. She did her graduation from a prestigious college in Park City. 

After getting graduated from University Paula joined the assistant level jobs and started her career simply as a independent woman in her own way to have a comfy lifestyle.

Net Worth

The total networth of Paula Dietz is estimated to be more than $800,000 USD dollars as a professional library taker.

Dietz had a low income at first in her career level but her hard work and passion led her to be in a greater post. 

How did Paula meet Dennis?

Although having a big age difference these two were meant to be soulmates and dated each other for several years frequently after meeting for the first time.

Finally, on May 22, 1971, they decide to live forever as a husband and wife by tieing their knot and were living happily in their own way until 2005.

Paula husband Dennis who is a serial killer in his court hearing
Paula Deitz's husband BTK Dennis Rader in his court hearing. source: @Thoughtnova

Did Paula Dietz have any children?

The notorious serial killer Dennis Radar and his ex-wife Paula Dietz have together two children one daughter and one son (Kerri Rawson and Brian Rader).

Kerri Rawson is currently working as an author whereas her brother Brian Rader was a service officer in Navy Submarine but he is currently working as a business with his wife and children. 

What was the reason behind the divorced of Paula and Dennis?

In February 2005, Dennis Rader was found guilty of what crimes he had done. Because of his crime, Paula filed a divorce against him and decided to have not even a stain of any  relationship connected with him. 

Paula get away from Dennis in every way and lived a private life doing a mid-level income job outside the country with her children.

She was a single mother and has given her children every significant education in every step of their life and to be a kind man and never get in the path their father went through.

The Crimes of Paula Dietz' husband

Dennis Rader aka BTK  was a popular serial killer in 1991. He was found guilty of murdering 10 innocent people brutally. 

Dennis's crimes were surreal people assumed he was a psychopath and had movies also made based on his crime scenes 'The Hunt for the BTK killer (2005), 'I survived BTK'(2010).

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