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Know Paul Schulze - Facts and Photos of "24" Cast and His Life Details

Published Sun Feb 21 2021 By Aashika
Know Paul Schulze - Facts and Photos of "24" Cast and His Life Details

Paul Schulze is one of the promising actors in Hollywood. He has been portraying the roles in movies and series for more than three decades. The actor is known as Ryan Chappelle in the series '24', aired on Fox channel. 

On 12th June 1962, he was born to his parents in the United States. Schulze is the son of a Lutheran minister and a holy man, Reverend Schulze where his mother's info is under the curtain. 

Paul passed out his schooling at Stuyvesant High School, later enrolled at Purchase College and New York University. 

Let's know more about Schulze

What's His Net Worth and Earning?

Paul Schulze has an impressive amount of net worth which is $7 million. He made his massive fortune from his acting career in the entertainment industry. 

His first debut on the screen was from the movie 'The University Truth' in the character Bill. Then, the actor has played in almost 21 movies and 58 series. Recently, he appears in the show 'Tommy' in the role of Len Egan. 

Paul Schulze in the series 'Nurse Jackie' with co-stars Edie Falco, Eve Best, and others more.  

Prefer Bad Guy for Character

Eddie Walzer of 'Nurse Jackie' has seen both bad and good characters in the movies and series. 

As seen in his performance both roles suit him but according to Schulze, his first choice between them is to play a villain role more. In fact, when Paul remembers his childhood, he loves playing a killer game. 

Awards & Nominations

In his three decades of professional life in Hollywood, his acting skill has made an excellent impression towards audiences. 

For his outstanding performance, Schulze was nominated for Screen Actor Guild Awards for the series 'Nurse Jackie' (2009) and '24' (2001).  

Relationship and Love Life

58 years, Schulze is living a single life as he has not been in love affairs to date. His name is not linked up with any lady and also he has not seen in the events. 

People think that 'The Punisher' William Rawlins is just focusing on his professional life rather than having a romantic love life. 

Celebrity Crush

The 'Rambo' actor has a huge crush on an actress, Edie Falco. The two know each other since they were a student at Purchase College. As we know Falco is an excellent actress which she earned in her college. 

During the performance in the program at college, Schulzo was a big fan of her acting and began following up with her.  

According to Edie Falco, their first meeting was in a laundry room where Paul asked her 'If she would like a massage', which was accepted by Falco. But, they remain as a friend and seems in the picture on Instagram account. 

Paul Schulze with beautiful actress Edie Falco. 
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Secretive Person

Schulze is the celeb who always keeps his personal life away from the limelight though he works in front of the camera. In this internet world, he is not active in any social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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