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Patrick Warburton $30 Million Net Worth - Rolls Royce and Mansion in Woodland

Published Mon Oct 07 2019 By aisha
Patrick Warburton $30 Million Net Worth - Rolls Royce and Mansion in Woodland

Patrick Warburton is an American actor and voice artist with a massive net worth of $30 million. He has been nominated for 7 awards while he won 3 awards. 

He is widely known for his role in The Dish, Ted, Get Smart, Big Trouble, and more. He has done many voice-overs because of his iconic voice which are Family Guy, Puppy Dog Pals, Bee Movie, The Emperor's New Groove, and more. He has also worked in many TV series like Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement. 

How Patrick earned his Net worth?

Patrick has an estimated net worth of $30 million from his acting and voice acting career. Most of his earnings are from his movies, television, animated series he has played and from his voice acting. He has appeared in almost more than 40 movies, 8 television series and more.

He has done commercials for many brands from which he has earned more enough to raise his net worth. 

Cars Owned by Warburton 

Patrick Warburton smiling inside his car.
Image Source: Celebrities Net Worth

Warburton owns an expensive and luxurious cars that includes Rolls-Royce which cost $450,000, a jaquar worth $71,000, and a Dodge which price range if from $28,095 to 59,245. 

House in Woodland

Front view of Patrick Warburton house with colorful flowers and a small green garden
Patrick Warburton house worth $1.8 million.
Image Source: Palm Spring Life

With his amazing net worth, Patrick Warburton owns a house in Woodland Hills, California whose worth is $1.8 million which he bought in 2012. The house includes 6 bathrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 cars parking garage, a kitchen, an open living room with a small colorful garden. 

Earning from movies and TV shows

Patrick Warburton started his acting career in the early 1990s and hasn't retired from the film industry yet. His top-grossed movies are Men In Black II as Agent Tee starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones which collected $441.8 million from which Patrick earned $75,000. Get Smart movie was able to gather $130.35 million where his earning was $85,000. 

He has played in almost 8 TV series but best known for his role in Rules of Engagement (2007-2013) as Jeff Bingham starring Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich, David Spade, and Adhir Kalyan. In the show, he was paid $85,000 per episode which was of 100 episodes which are $8.5 million from the show. He has also appeared in Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D for 3 episodes for which he earned a total of $75,000.

Income from Voice acting

The iconic star is known for his voice as he has done much voice acting in different animated movies and series. He has earned an estimated wealth of $5 million from voice acting. 

Some of Patrick Warburton's famous voice-overs are in television and animated series like Family Guy, The Emperor's New School, The Tick, Batman, Spiderman, and others. His voice-overs movies include Chicken Little, Bee movie, Mr. Peaboy & Sherman, The Emperor's New Groove, and more.

Commercials - Brand Endorsements

Patrick Warburton advertising National Car Rental.
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With his iconic voice and his success, Patrick got many commercial opportunities from various brands. He has done commercials for National Car Rental for which he has paid a control enthusiast and has a two-year contract with the brand but has no end of the contract as it depends on the success of the commercial.  

He is the voice of the National Smokey Bear Campaign, Ranger and a forest ranger which is sponsored by the US Forest Service and the Ad Council. He is the spokesman of Japanese automaker Honda in September 2011.  

Raised $2.2 million for charity 

Patrick Warburton with other member for Celebrity Golf Tournament
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Patrick Warburton supports many Charity Groups, Foundation and Hospitals like American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, A World Fit For Kids!, Lupus La, Screen Actors Guild Foundation TLC for the Blind, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Racing for Kids.  

Warburton raised $2.2 million from Celebrity Golf Tournament for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which is treated and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The event was the highest-grossing golf tournament for St. Jude nationwide.

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