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Facts About Patrick Breen - American Actor From "Galaxy Quest"

Published Fri Nov 01 2019 By aisha
Facts About Patrick Breen - American Actor From "Galaxy Quest"

Joseph Patrick Breen professionally known as Patrick Breen is an American actor and writer best known for his work in Galaxy Quest (1999), Men in Black (1997), Whole Day Down (2011), and many more.

Breen was born on October 26, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Here are some facts about Patrick Breen:

Net Worth

Patrick estimated net worth is $2 million from his multiple careers as Actor, Writer, and Director. His main source of income is his acting career from which he is able to earn this fortune.

Wife - Nadine Van der Velde

On left Canadian-American actress Nadine Van der Velde and on right wife of Patrick Breen smiling
On left Canadian-American actress Nadine Van der Velde and on right wife of Patrick Breen.

Patrick Breen is married to Nadine Van der Velde since 1992 which is about 27 years of togetherness. Vander is often mistaken as a Canadian-American actress who has a similar name i.e. Nadine van der Velde. 

Many people get confused when they hear Patrick's wife's name but the difference between two Nadine is one is a famous actress and the other is the wife of a famous actor. 

Two Children

Patrick and Nadine have two children together after their successful marriage. The couple lives happily with their children in the United States.

Founder of Naked Angels

Patrick Breen standing on Tint of Hillary coat on 25th Anniversary GAla of Naked Angels
Patrick Breen on Naked Angels 25th Anniversary Gala
Image Source: Getty Image

He was one of the founders of the theater company in New York named Naked Angels which is an American theater company founded in 1986. The theater was named after John Tytell's book which is about beat generation, Naked Angels.  

Wrote a play 

Breen wrote a play Off-Broadway play Just a kiss which he later adapted on a screen which was directed by his friend Fisher Stevens. 


When Patrick was in his teenage he had appeared in one of the episodes of Spenser: For Hire and in 21 Jump Street which was an American crime drama series based on Robert B.

Original Voice of Splatter and Dodge

Two train which is the frictional character of Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Frictional Character Splatter and Dodge
Image Source: Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure Wiki - Fandom

Patrick Breen gave his voice to two frictional characters, Splatter, and Dodge in Thomas and the Magic Railroad where Thomas and Mr.Conductor cross between the real world and the Frictional Island of Sodor. He was the original voice of the character but later he was cut and was replaced by Neil Crone and Kevin Frank.

Openly Bisexual

In the interview with Metro Weekly, Patrick Breen stated that he identifies himself as one of the members of LGBT people and also agreed with the interviewer who referred to Breen coming out as a bisexual. It was July 2012, when Patrick opened about his sexuality to the world.

Total work done throughout his career

Patrick has been in the glamorous industry since his very early age as he has been on 65 television shows like Elementary, The Slap, The Mystery of Laura, and many more.

He has played on 31 movies through out his career some of his best movies include A Most violent work, After Louie, One true thing, Men in Black, and more.

Directed Whole Day Down

Patrick Breen is the co-creator and director of Whole Day Down. The series have a total of eleven episodes in which eight episFaode is directed by Patrick himself. 

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