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Patrice Failor - Former FBI Director James Comey's Wife and Advocate

Published Tue Aug 24 2021 By Kri
Patrice Failor - Former FBI Director James Comey's Wife and Advocate

Patrice Failor is an American counselor and advocate of the juvenile court. She is popularly known as the wife of James Comey former FBI director. She is also a leading activist with a promising career. 

She was able to enter the juvenile court through her volunteering in Bridge Port superior court. She got to know more about juvenile issues and later landed as an advocate. 

Early Life 

Patrice was born on November 10, 1960, in northern Virginia, United States. She attended the local school and graduated from The College Of William And Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. After graduating from her college, she went on to get a master's degree in counseling. Failor started out as a counselor and joined Bridge Port superior court as a volunteer. 

Her father is Edward Dale Failor, an executive director of Iowans Tax Relief and her mother is Isobel Maurene Julius. She has two siblings, one sister, and one brother. Her brother is Edward Dale Failor Jr, a top staffer for the Republican caucus in Iowa Senate. Her sister's name is Michelle Olson. 

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the juvenile advocate Patrice Failor together with her husband is $11 million. She was able to secure all her fortunes due to her successful career as a juvenile advocate and her husband as an FBI. The couple lives in a $3 million dollar mansion together with their children. 

Patrice Failor and James Comey with the foster children
Source: Twitter/ @funhomemusical

She is also a foster care advocate testifying the need for better support for kids. She is also greatly supported by her husband James.

Patrice's Family

Patrice Failor is the wife of former FBI director James Comey who was fired from his position in 2017 by former U.S president Donald Trump. Failor and Comey were introduced at a party of their mutual friend during their college time. They both attended the same college and doon after their first meeting they were in love with each other. 

Patrice Fiaalor and her husband James Comey

They were in a relationship for nine years before the couple decided to tie the knot with each other. They are since then going strong together and living life happily supporting each other in everything they do. They also have five beautiful children, four girls, and one boy. 

Their children are Maurene Ryan Comey, Katherine Comey, Claire Comey, Abby Comey, and Brien James Comey. The couple also had another boy but unfortunately, he died after 9 days prior to his birth. 

Patrice's daughter is following the footsteps of her and her don is following the footsteps of his father. Patrice's daughter Maurene attended the same college as her and later graduated from Harvard law school. Apart from her biological daughters and son she takes care of other foster kids and provides every support they are needed. Patrice is one committed mother. 

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