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Paris Jackson covered all her tattoos at the 2024 Grammys

Published Tue Feb 06 2024 By Nancy
Paris Jackson covered all her tattoos at the 2024 Grammys

Paris Jackson looked different at the 2024 Grammys. Fans were surprised because they couldn't see her famous tattoos. 

The daughter of music icon Michael Jackson, who is also a model, wore a stunning black Celine dress at the 2024 Grammys. The dress had revealing cutouts that caught everyone's attention. Surprisingly, her tattoos were not visible.

Despite having more than 80 tattoos, none of them were visible on Jackson as she walked the red carpet, all thanks to makeup brand Cover FX. She shared a behind-the-scenes "get ready with me" time-lapse video on Instagram, revealing the transformation process. 

How Did Paris Jackson Hide Her Tattoos For The 2024 Grammys? 

Using exclusively Cover FX products, Fountaine began by applying the Gripping Primer to ensure the makeup adhered well to Paris Jackson's skin. Then, he applied a layer of the Power Play Liquid Foundation, followed by the Total Cover Cream Foundation for complete coverage. 

Paris Jackson hides her tattoo for Grammy 2024.
Paris Jackson hides her tattoo for Grammy 2024.
Photo Source: Instagram

Finally, he blended in the Color Correct Stick in Flame to diminish the visibility of the tattoos. To ensure long-lasting coverage, Fountaine used the Pressed Mineral Foundation instead of a regular setting powder. 

This choice helped seal in the liquids and creams while adding an extra layer of coverage. To complete the look, he applied the High-Performance Setting Spray to prevent the makeup from smudging and ensure it stayed flawless all night. 

Paris Jackson Showed Her Tattoos in Grammy After Party

After the awards ceremony, Paris Jackson headed to Universal Music Group's Grammys afterparty, and surprisingly, her tattoos were visible again. At the event, Jackson posed for photos in an unbuttoned cheetah print overcoat. 

Paris Jackson showed her tattoo at a Grammy afterparty.
Paris Jackson showed her tattoo at a Grammy afterparty.
Photo Source: Instagram

Underneath, Jackson wore a mesh cropped corset revealing colorful ink trailing from between her breasts to just above her navel. Paris completed her afterparty look with an all-black mini skirt and over-the-knee boots. 

This isn't the first time Paris has temporarily covered up her body art, as seen at the Grammys!

Paris Jackson Has Several Tattoos

Among Paris Jackson's tattoos are ones that pay tribute to her late father, Michael Jackson, including the cover of his 1991 album "Dangerous." She also has a matching yin and yang symbol with her brother, Prince Jackson, as well as several others that match with her friends. 

"I have friendship tattoos with at least 10 people," Paris shared with Glamour UK in 2022. 

Jackson has always had a passion for tattoos, stating, "I've always been interested in them. I used to get in trouble at school - I was probably 13 or 14 - because I used to draw all over myself with a permanent marker." These drawings included "song lyrics and band logos." 

During the Glamour UK interview, Paris mentioned that some of her most recent tattoos include a dragon, a koi fish, the sun, the moon, and an eyeball.

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