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Get to Know Pamela Gregg - Comedian Jeff Foxworthy's Wife of 35 years

Published Tue Apr 28 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get to Know Pamela Gregg - Comedian Jeff Foxworthy's Wife of 35 years

Jeff Foxworthy has been a successful comedian since 1993, but the real reason behind his success is his wife's contribution; Pamela Gregg, looks after his family whenever he is on road.

So, here are a few facts that you might be missing out on Gregg, American stand-up comedian, TV-actor, writer, producer, television personality, radio personality and author Jeff's wife. So, let's get rolling!

Husband's Success and Net Worth

Jeff's comedy album "You might be a redneck" went 3*platinum and his TV efforts as well as TV skids have made him one of the most successful comedians of this era. Currently, her husband Jeff Foxworthy is worth around $100 million, which can be credited to his trusted wife who has been supporting her partner throught his career success.

Jeff Foxworthy & his wife taking a Selfie (We-Fie)
Jeff Foxworthy & his wife taking a Selfie (We-Fie)
PC: Jeff Foxworthy's Instagram

Jeff actually credits his wife for his success, which for a fact proves that she is a really special person, who helped her husband to reach where he is now!

Birthday and Meaning of her Name

Though, Pam hasn't disclosed details about her parents and we still lack back ground check on Jeff's wife, Pamela's name originates from Spanish literature and means sweet. Likewise, her husband Jeff keeps feeding us with breadcrumbs. So, as per Pamela's husband, Gregg's birthday falls on second August.

Worked as Executive Producer in Jeff's Early Works

She used to work on Jeff's early work as his producer and production designer as well. But after Jeff got super famous and signed a record label, she gave birth to her daughter and left the show biz for a successful family life.

Jeff and Pamela's love story

Jeff Foxworthy and Pamela Gregg's love story dates back to the 80s, before Jeff became this rock-star comedian; Gregg met his future wife Pamela at a small club where he was a struggling artist. The pair started dating, around the time when Jeff won a big comedy festival in Atlanta. 

After dating for a year, the love birds were sure about their future together, and got married in 1985. 

Sacrificed her on going career to start a family

Pamela had a greater career potions as she was already working as a producer in her husband's shows and skids. She was the executive producer Jeff Foxworthy's 1993 comedy special, Jeff Foxworthy: Check Your Neck, which is considered as one of the most successful comedy special of her husband but she chose to settle as Jeff's homemaker.

Mother of Two Daughters

Pamela who worked as a executive producer of Jeff's skid Check Your Neck is also the mother of Jeff Foxworthy's two adult daughters Jordan and Julianne Foxworthy. 

 Jordan and Julianne Foxworthy
 From Left: Jordan and Julianne Foxworthy
PC: JEff's Instagram post

Both her daughters are college graduates, her eldest daughter graduated her college back in 2014, and her second daughter also graduated in 2018, but the details about their career choices aren't out for grabs. Likewise, their eldest daughter is recently married to an Atlanta resident Brendan Corley, on 20th May, 2018.

In Picture:  From Left- Pamela Gregg, Jordan with Brendan Corley (in Tux), Julianne Foxworthy as bride mate, and the famous father in law Jeff Foxworthy 
PC: Jeff Foxworthy's Inmstagram

Married for 35 Straight Years

The pair got married back in September 19, 1985, before Jeff was famous and had this noteworthy $100 million in worth. So far the family has been together for 35 straight years living happily without any divorce or separation related rumors. 

Jeff Foxworthyand his wife Pamela Gregg

Jeff on his anniversary posted a lovely picture of himself with his better half and also captioned it with a heart touching lines which reads like:

IG picture that of Jeff uploaded on  Pamela Gregg's birthday
IG picture that of Jeff uploaded on  Pamela Gregg's birthday

34 years ago today I married this beautiful girl. Best thing I ever did!! She is the best wife, mom and friend I have ever know. Beautiful inside and out! I am blessed beyond words to walk through life with her!

So, these were a few details on Jeff Foxworthy's wife Pemila Gregg, keep up with Glamourpath for more!