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Paige Dunham's Net Worth

Published Thu Jul 21 2022 By chanel
Paige Dunham's Net Worth

Paige Dunham is a Producer, businesswoman, philanthropist, mother, and advocate for divorced women whose net worth is  $20 million. She is well known for being married to comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

Paige was born on 13 March 1968, in Savannah, Georgia, USA, and can be considered the reason behind Jeff Dunham's success. She helped him write material, pitch shows ideas, and ran his merchandise.

Paige Dunham's Net Worth

The 54-year-old woman has a net worth of $20 million and her annual salary is estimated to be around $2 million. She has earned through various successful endeavors such as Foundation and Business Ventures, as a Motivational speaker.

Paige Dunham (Source:

Her divorce settlement with Jeff, who had a net worth of over $140 million, provided her with an enormous fortune.

Foundation and Business Ventures

She founded Brasma Publications in 1999 as a continuation of the family business, which in 2003 published Dear Walter, one of his most popular characters. She takes on another project three years later that aligns with her business expansion goals.

Paige Dunham (Source: Paige's Instagram)

In 2006, she established the Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation, which was dedicated to assisting those in need. For a time, the charity received 100% of the revenues from their eBay store and $1 from each ticket sold to one of Jeff's comedy gigs.

She delivered a $35,000 check to the Ronald McDonald House in Houston in support of Hurricane Katrina's recovery efforts.
Paige renamed the foundation the Paige Dunham Foundation after she and Jeff separated. She still manages it.

Earnings from film production 

Paige has also established herself as a film producer and has produced two films. 

Paige executive produced the films The Face of Love in 2013 and Last Days in the Desert in 2015. 

Social Media

Paige's social fan base is gradually increasing. She has a Twitter with more than 1500 followers where she constantly shares her ideas and business ventures.

Paige Dunham (Source: Married Biography)

She also runs an Instagram account with the username of @thepaigedunham.


Dunham donates to a number of children's charities and humanitarian causes. She raised $6,000 for the National Institute of Mental Health by running the San Francisco half marathon.

In addition, he presented a $35,000 check to the Ronald McDonald House of Houston in aid of Hurricane recovery.

Husband’s Net Worth

Paige’s husband Jeff has a net worth of over $140 million and his annual earnings are $13.5 million. In 1983 and 1984 perused an acting career earning up to $70,000. Comedy Central released his solo DVD comedy, arguing with myself, in 2006, and it was his best triumph to date. He gained more than 2 million viewers. 

His next album, Spark of Insanity, was published in 2007 and has over a million copies sold and 140 million views on YouTube. He signed The Jeff Dunham Show in 2009, which went on to become Comedy Central's most-watched program ever.

The Reality behind Jeff’s Success 

Jeff’s ex-wife Paige played a significant role in his career. She wrote newsletters, created and managed Jeff Dunham merchandise, and started an online store for the merchandise. 

She established a database for Jeff Dunham's internet fan club the same year, which helped him win Best Male Stand-Up Comic at the 1997 American Comedy Awards. She also put out newsletters under his name and sold them. She aided him in the creation of program concepts and material.

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