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Stefano Accorsi’s Son Orlando Accorsi With Ex-Fiancee Laetitia Casta - Pictures and Facts

Published Mon May 27 2019 By DGM
Stefano Accorsi’s Son Orlando Accorsi With Ex-Fiancee Laetitia Casta - Pictures and Facts

Orlando Accorsi is a celebrity baby of a famous Italian celebrity born on 21 September 2006. He is the son of Stefano Accorsi, a well-known Italian Actor, and his ex-fiancee Laetitia Casta. He has a younger sister Athena Accorsi from his parents.

The name Orlando has a meaning in Italian origin which means "famous throughout the land" and also means "heroic." And Accorsi refers to "Complete and Powerful" in Italian origin.

Are Orlando Accorsi's Parents Still Together?

Orlando was born from his father Stefano Accorsi and his ex-fiancee Laetitia Casta. His parents' relationship lasted for almost ten years but it could not stay stable and they broke up in 2013. As for now, both of his parents have different partners i.e. his father is married to Bianca Vitali, and his mother is married to Louis Garrel. 

A picture of Stefano Accorsi with his ex-fiancee Laetitia Casta.
Stefano Accorsi With His Ex-Fiancee Laetitia Casta.
 Image Source: People

Orlando Accorsi's Siblings

Orlando has a sister from his parents and two half-siblings from his mother and father with different parents.

Athena Accorsi

Athena is the younger sister of Orlando and the 2nd child of his parents born on 29 August 2009. She is the pure sister of his parents and the ex-couple's symbol of love between them.

Sahteene Sednaoui

Sahteene Sednaoui is the half-sibling (sister) of Orlando from his mother and a French photographer, Stephane Sednaoui. She is Orlando's elder sister born on October 19, 2001. 

Lorenzo Accorsi

Lorenzo is the youngest half-sibling of his father and his wife, an actress, Bianca Vitali born on April 21, 2017. The baby boy is the first child of Stefano and Bianca since their marriage back in 2015.

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Orlando Accorsi Joined His Father on Earth's Day

Despite the bad influence of Orlando's parents' separation over him and his sister Athena, they seem to get along very well with their father Stefano Accorsi. The father of three joined with his kids and taught them everything about cleanliness and saving the earth on the occasion of Earth Day. The Italian actor stated that he wanted his kids to live on a better and healthier planet.

Laetitia Casta's Son loves Spending Time With His Siblings

Orlando loves sharing a lovely relationship with his siblings. It seems that he and his sister Athena visit their daddy's home every weekend and play along with their half-sibling, Lorenzo. Since Stefano's separation from his ex-fiancee, Laetitia, their two children have been spending their days with both of their parents in equal proportion.

A picture of Orlando Accorsi with his siblings.
Orlando Accorsi with his siblings. 
Image Source: [email protected]

The "Volpi Cup for Best Actor" award winner, Stefano Accorsi, is happy to have a second son in his life. His elder son also seems to be supportive and promising enough to be a lovely sibling for his younger half-brother. This is what every parent desires in their children, isn't it?

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Orlando's Dad Likes To Keep It Private About His Kids - Blurred All His Pictures

The 52-year-old actor's most of the pictures with his kids on his Instagram Account are not clear. To clarify, he has blurred the portion of the pictures where his kids are positioned. We assume that he wants to keep his kids out of the limelight and keep it private about them as much as possible.

A picture of Stefano Accorsi with kids (his kids' portion is blurred).
Stefano Accorsi with his kids. Image Source: [email protected]

Stefano Loves His Kids

Being a father of three, Orlando's dad loves him and his other two siblings a lot. Despite having such busy schedules, the actor takes all his kids and his partner Bianca on walks and vacations. Stefano has not let the separation from his ex-fiance influence their kids' lives. What a perfect dad he is? Orlando is blessed to have him as his dad.

A picture of Stefano Accorsi with his kids and wife Bianca Vitali.
Stefano Accorsi with his kids and wife Bianca Vitali. Image Source: [email protected]

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