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Get to Know Olivia O'Flanagan - Aidan Gillen's Wife Who Does Flowers Business

Published Fri Apr 16 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Olivia O'Flanagan -  Aidan Gillen's Wife Who Does Flowers Business

Olivia O'Flanagan became the camera sensation after being the wife of Aiden Gillen. Her former husband is an Irish actor who has appeared in numerous series and movies, including "The Wire" as Tommy Carcetti. 

The couples were in a relationship for almost two decades. They are the parents of two children before getting separated. Aside from known for her personal life, she is away from the limelight and media. 

Let's look at the below paragraphs to know more about O'Flanagant. 

Married Life with Aiden Gillen

Olivia O'Flangan met the handsome actor, Aiden Gillen in 1997. Soon, the couple started dating and get to know each other. After having 4 years and 6 months relationship, they decided to exchange vows on 7th July 2001. 

The pair's married life started falling after 12 years which take place of divorce. In 2014, they got split whereas their children's custody is given in joint. 

Olivia O'Flangan with her ex-husband Aiden Gillen.
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Mother of Two Children

She is blessed with two children with her ex-husband. Since they had a relationship, soon Olivia was pregnant with their first child, Berry Murphy. 

After three years she gave birth to the second child, a son Joe Murphy in 2000. They have spotted some events with their parents. 

Olivia O'Flanagan's two children Berry Murphy and Joe Murphy with their father. 
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Mr. Gillen Moved On 

Aiden Gillen moved on in his life after his divorce from O' Flanagan. He was dating Camille O'Sullivan, who is an Irish musician, vocalist, and actress. 

The couple were together for a brief period and broke their relationship. They couldn't take their love life so far but remain friends.

Aiden Gillen with his ex-girlfriend, Camille O'Sullivan.
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Life After Divorce

On the other hand, Mrs. O' Flanagan lives a single life and dedicating her time to children. She avoids the limelight after divorcing the actor. Her personal life is away from the media and the public. 

What's Her Net Worth and Income Source?

The former wife of Gillen, Olivia has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. Her income source is from her business of flowers bouquet. 

As she is a supporter of "Pieta House", a nonprofit organization is for suicide and self-harm crisis centres with locations across Ireland. 

Social Media

Mrs. O'Flanagent is quite active on social pages. She has created an account on Instagram and Twitter where her followers are more than  142 followers and 313 followers respectively. There, she shares some pictures and videos. 

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