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Olive Siegel - Eric Siegel’s Daughter With Wife Anna Belknap

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By Samana
Olive Siegel - Eric Siegel’s Daughter With Wife Anna Belknap

Olive Seigel is the first born celebrity baby of Eric Siegel and Anna Belknap. Olive was born on 14th January, 2007. 

The name 'Olive' is of English origin and means "Olive Tree".

Parents' Net Worth

Olive Seigel's mother, Anna Belknap's net worth totals up to the sum of $6 million. Anna is an actress and a television show star. She gained popularity through the series CSI: NY. 

Other movies and series Anna has starred in includes "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit", "Reality Trap", "Homicide: Life On The Street", "Deadline", "The Handler" and many more. 

Olive's father, Eric Siegel's net worth sums up to be $7 million. Eric Siegel is an actor, a writer and a producer. He is the producer of the 2017 hit film "The Emoji Movie". Eric is also known for the movies "Amateur Night", "I Love Your Work" and "Traffic Light". 

Parents' Relationship

Olive's parents met when they were working at a same place back in 2001. After a year of just being colleagues, In 2002 the two started dating. They dated and knew that they were were each others soulmates. 

In 31st August, 2004, the two exchanged vows and got tied up in the holy matrimonial bond. After marriage no news and rumors about the two having affairs or any news of infidelity came up. The two lives together along with George and Olive in their home.

Olive's romantic parents Eric and Anna
Olive's Parents Eric and Anna.
Image Source: Pinterest

Siblings - George Siegel

Olive has one baby brother and his name is George Siegel. George was born on February 6 2009. Olive was a single child with only toys to play with so when George was born, Olive was happy and loved her baby bro since day 1. 

Even though she was a little, she was not jealous at all when she was given a little less attention to her by her parents. Now that they have grown up, the two are each others favorite play mates.

Event Added On CSI To Reduce Screentime While Anna Was Pregnant With Her

During Anna's first pregnancy, the show writers did not include any script related to pregnancy in CSI: NY. However, since she could not work for long and had to take proper rest and do everything a normal non actress woman would do in her pregnancy, she was shown bitten by a cobra. 

A cobra's bite is very poisonous and vicious so Anna was put off from acting and got her pregnancy break through this event added on to put her off screen. 

Anna Belknap on her first pregnancy with Olive.
Anna Belknap on her first pregnancy with Olive.
Image Source: Cool Spotter

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