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Noah Shannon Green - Megan Fox’s Son With Husband Brian Austin Green

Published Fri Aug 09 2019 By Samana
Noah Shannon Green - Megan Fox’s Son With Husband Brian Austin Green

Noah Shannon Green is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green's first baby boy. He was born on 27th September 2012. 

The name "Noah" is of a Hebrew origin and in the language, the name means "Rest" and "Comfort". 

The name "Shannon" is of an Old Irish origin and in the language, the name translates to "Old River". 

Parent's Net Worth

Noah Shannon Green's father, Brian Austin Green's net worth totals up to be $4 million. Brian Austin is an actor who has been a cast of many movies and television shows which also includes reality shows like Desperate Housewives. 

Noah's mother, Megan Fox's net worth totals up to be $8 million due to her successful career as a model and an actress. Megan has been on the covers of many magazines and have starred in various different hit movies. 

Parent's Relationship

Noah's parents has had a very hard time keeping their relationship alive and working. The two parent who has a very hectic career and personal life has already managed to quit their marriage once after being married for 5 years. 

Noah's mother, Meghan had filed for the divorce keeping the reason very personal and secret. 

Noah's parents: Brain and Megan posing for a picture
Noah Shannon Green's beautiful parents Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.
Image Source: People

The two again reconciled after Megan was announced pregnant. Seems like Brian really wanted to be around his new born baby and take care of his pregnant wife. They were back together again and this time learnt from their mistakes and made their marriage work out despite being busy with their career.

Three Siblings

Noah Shannon Green has three siblings and one of the three is his half sibling from his Dad, Brian's previous marriage. Noah is the eldest among his two biological siblings: Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green. Bodhi was born on 12th February 2014 and Journey was born on 4th August 2016. 

Likewise, Noah's half sibling is Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green and he was born on 15th March 2002 whose mother is Vanessa Marcil. Noah is a great big brother to his siblings and loves them a lot.

Noah, Journey and Bodhi celebrating Halloween.
Noah and his siblings on Halloween.
Image Source: People

Parents Created An Environment For Him To Express Himself

According to Megan, her pregnancy kid of made her feel or sense that her son is not going to follow the gender roles and stereotype and just like that, it came true. She also spoke about how she has created a safe and sound environment for him which will let him discover how he wants to express himself. Thanks to this, Noah is seen walking around in wigs and princess dress and h is the cutest. 

Even though the internet is not happy with that, his parent's, Megan and Brain approves of him expressing himself and that is all that matters.

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