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Get to Know Nikkie de Jager aka NikkieTutorials - The Dutch Make Up Artist

Published Fri Jan 14 2022 By sijal
Get to Know Nikkie de Jager aka NikkieTutorials - The Dutch Make Up Artist

Nikkie de Jager professionally known as Nikkie Tutorials in social media is a famous 'Instagram influencer' and a 'Beauty Guru'. She is from a dutch family and was grown in the USA.

 This beauty guru is obsessed with makeup and makeup products and had made people learn about the power of makeup and tutorials.

Got Out of Closet as Transgender

In 2020, a makeup influencer speak about her gender on her official Youtube channel. She harshly pointed to her blackmailing people and spit in their faces by revealing her gender as Trans.

De Jager goes on by telling that she was born in the wrong body and now she is completely ok that she came out without any hesitation. She, her family, and fans are proud of her and that's all that matters.

How did Nikkie de Jager become a famous makeup artist?

Born on March 2, 1994, in Wageningen, Netherlands, Nickelodeon kid's choice award winner had always had the potential of being a makeup artist from an early age.

Nikkie in Kuwait for her Masterclasses
Nikkie de Jager in her first Kuwait Masterclass. source: Instagram@nikkietutorials

As she was growing up, In 2008, Nikkie finally post her first makeup tutorial video on her official youtube account 'Nikkie Tutorials'. 

Nikkie's actual success started when she uploaded 'The Power of Makeup' video featuring makeup brand 'Too faced Cosmetics'.  


Just like a daughter her mother Saskia de Orchidee is also the owner of a cosmetic company. She has two brothers Emile de Jager and Mikai. It was a tough phase for her when her brother Mikai died cause of illness.

Relationship Status

The Dutch reality show Wie is de Mol? Star Nikkie de Jager got engaged with her long-term boyfriend Dylan Drossaers. These sweethearts have been spotted in many award functions together.

Nikkie with her boyfriend Dylan Drossaers in their dinner night. source: Instagram@nikkietutorials

Collaboration with Celebrities and Brands

Nikkie de Jager had collaborated with many prominent celebrities(Selena Gomez, Laddy Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, James Charles, Adele, and many more). They all praised her effort and pleasing personality. Jager had always been doing partnerships with famous brands as Ofra, Maybelline, and Marco Jacobs Beauty. Nikkie's most superior collaboration was with Beauty Bay as she launched her first makeup palette with the collaboration. 


Nikkie with her soul idol star herself Rihanna
Nikkie de Jager with the diamond star Rihanna. source: Instagram@nikkietutorials

What is the Networth of this beauty influencer?

Nikkie de Jager's total networth is estimated to be more than $7 million dollars. She earned well from her product sites and video content as well.

What is Nimya?

 Nimya, it's a site launched in 2021, where they sell the best quality makeup products. Nikkie de Jager is the founder and owner of this product site.


Nikkie de Jager on the set of her brand 'Nimya'. source: Instagram@nikkietutorials

Did she have any tattoos?

Nikkie mostly did her tattoos by her long-term friend Evan Kim 'even tattoo'.

The future Dutch ambassador of the UN had ink of two little dinosaurs, a bracelet, eyelashes, a letter 'dream' on her wrist and a movie camera, her eye makeup, all continents of the world, and a picture of( wolf, owl, panda, penguin) on her elbow. 

Nikkie's beautiful tattoos in her hands
Nikkie de jager showing off her beautiful inks. source:@Cosmopolitan

As per her recent post, she had ink 'Glow Baby' on her finger area and 'Always' on the shoulder.

Rumors of plastic surgery

Like other stars, Nikkie de Jager also wanted to look different. She admitted that she had done minor surgeries on her face. This beauty guru had gone through botox, eyebrow lifting, lips, and cheek fillers, and jawline surgery.

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