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LAHH Star Nikki Baby Transformation After Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Published Wed May 22 2019 By DGM
LAHH Star Nikki Baby Transformation After Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

The main cast of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (LAHHH), Nikki Mudarris has undergone many plastic surgeries throughout her life. Also known as "Miss Nikki Baby", the American TV personality has had numerous numbers of changes in her body.

Nikki Baby, whose net worth is $1.5 million, seems to have made her body more sexy and attractive going under the knife. Though it is not mentioned many surgeries she has had, here is a detailed information about the changes that she has after going through plastication.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

A picture of Miss Nikki Baby before and after plastic surgeries.
A picture of Miss Nikki Baby before and after plastic surgeries. Image Source: Medium

The above picture clearly provides the hint of how the 28 years old (as of May 2019) actress Nikki Baby has transformed after undergoing numbers of surgeries. From the photo, we can clearly differentiate the breast and buttock part of Nikki's body before and after her surgeries.

Not to miss, a slight change in size of waist and facial structure of Nikki Mudarris can clearly be observed. The ex-girlfriend of Jamal Rashid (also known as Mally Mall) seem to be perfectly fine with her new looks.

Buttocks Surgery

One of the plastic surgeries that Miss Nikki Baby has done is Buttock Surgery. All her previous photos show lots of difference in her physical appearance. Her buttock is bigger now than ever before as she has surely made some changes.

Nikki Baby after Butt Surgery.
Nikki Baby after buttock plastic surgery. 
Image Source: BeNaughty

As the LAHHH star has gone under the knife, she seems to get in a good shape. However, she also regrets getting her buttock done. In an interview with Hip Hop My Way, she stated that her buttock was too big and yet it was still big which dragged a lot of attention everywhere she went.

Nose Job

Nikki Baby has confirmed something that almost everyone knew that she had her nose modified. She agreed that she had rhinoplasty procedure done to alter the shape of her nose. To clarify, we can see that she had a wider and bigger nose in her previous photos.

The associate of Mudarris family said that she went through an operation using combination of high degree of surgical skill and artistry to make her nose shorter, narrower and smoother. Also, she has had her nose straightened and pointed out at the end.

Breast Augmentation

Nikki Baby has also made some changes in her breast which even surgery treatment professionals think that they look like plastic. As it means a lot to most women, Baby also had her breasts operated. By observing her previous and current pictures, we can easily separate that her breasts are bigger and perfectly round.

Nikki Baby before and after breast augmentation.
Change in the breasts of Nikki Bella after surgery. Image Source: Plastic Surgery Land

The American entrepreneur makes sure that the most visible part in almost all of her photos on the internet is her chest. She says that she will do whatever she wants to look and stay beautiful. Well, that is true, isn't it?

Facial Fillers and Botox Injections

Nobody supposes to observe creases on the face of Nikki Baby as she is considered to youthful. However, her face looks filled with fillers used with Botox to make it smooth. A study of her images reveals that the gorgeous star had the grin outline got rid of in order to achieve a smooth appearance.

Nikki Baby after Plastic Surgery.
Nikki Baby before (left) and after (right) plastic surgery.
 Image Source: Starcasm

Slimming Waist

Miss Nikki Baby has made her waist a bit smaller through operation which has given her that Betty Boop bod. She had some buttock enhancements in her young age but as she grew older, she had some of the fat removed from there.

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