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You Don’t Know Nikita Dragun If You Don’t Know This - She is A Transgender Rolemodel

Published Sun Jan 10 2021 By Aashika
You Don’t Know Nikita Dragun If You Don’t Know This - She is A Transgender Rolemodel

Nikita Dragun is a social media personality who is famous as an Instagram star and Youtuber. She is popular as a make-up artist and lingerie model. 

On 31st January 1996, she took birth in this world and her birthplace is Belgium. Dragun grew up in Virginia, later shifted to LA, and joined the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she got graduated in business.  

Have a look at the below paragraph to know more interesting things about Dragun. 

Net Worth: $4 million 

Nikita Dragun holds an impressive amount of net worth which is $4 million. She has accumulated her massive worth from Youtube. Her other source of income also comes from modeling, acting, and featuring in a music video. 

In 2015, a Youtuber created her eponymous channel, "Nikita Dragun" which has now more than 3.69 million. 

Being a well-known person on social media platforms, she was featured in the web series 'Escape the Night', 'Nikita Unfiltered', and more. Moreover, the actress also appeared in Tv series 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' and some music videos. 

Nikita Dragun'sweb series 'Nikita Unfiltered' on episode 1.
Image Source: Youtube

Plastic Surgeries

As we can see differences in the face of Nikita Dragun that's because of surgeries. The hot model went to a facial feminization surgery, which involves cosmetic procedures to soften facial features and make them appear more feminine. 

Similarly, she has done breast implants and lip enhance which we can see on her channel.  

A picture of before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Youtube

Tattoos On Her Body

The model has done some tattoos on her body. Being obsessed with the dragon, you can see a big dragon inked on her back. 

Similarly, on the left wrist, there is Arabic, Quan Am (A Buddhist deity) on her right side, a print of a dragon head on her ribcage. The largest tattoo on her body is on her back which is the ink of a red dragon.

A red dragon tattoo on her back.
Image Source: Instagram 


The Youtuber revealed she is transgender on her channel on 28th December 2015 with entitled "I Am A Transgender". 

In the video, she told her story, when she was 19 years and a college student, Dragun used to carry a fake ID with the name Nicole and was recognized as female. In the transformed form a boy to a girl, her family gave full support. 

A picture of Nikita Dragun's transformation.
Image Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status

Nikita Dragun is single after her breakup with a famous model, Michael Yerger. The couple's first introduction was on a business trip where they were starring together on video and also has shot two.

At first, Ms. Dragun express her love for Yerger, whereas he also replied answer as 'Yes'. After some time, their relationship started felling down and the model cheated on her with another girl. They took the decision and moved on in their life. 

Former Boyfriend Michael Yerger.
Image Source: Instagram

Bestfriend: Bretman Rock

As many people are confused about Nikita and Bretman's relationship. People said that they are relatives, but both are really close friends.

Being on the same platforms, they share a good bonding which we can see in their pictures and videos. We know that Bretman Rock is also a social influencer who is a Youtuber, make-up artist, and model.

Two besties on the same fame where Dragun is coping Rock.
Image Source: Youtube

Supports LGBT Community

Being a youth icon for transgender, Dragun is an active member of the LGBT community. She shares her experience through her social media where she has huge fan followers, to make people aware of gender and give strength to other members of the committee. 

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