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Get To Know Nicole Leigh Smith- Jason Newsted's Partner of 18 Years

Published Fri May 01 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get To Know Nicole Leigh Smith- Jason Newsted's Partner of 18 Years

Jason Newsted is a successful musician, a soloist and a well known musician famous for his contribution to Metallica, as its founding member who left the band in 2001. Can, you believe that he walked away from one of the most successful musical bands to give time to his family? Well, if you have a wife as lovely as Nicole Leigh Smith, you'd walk a distance for her, right?

So, being said that, let's take a look at Nicole Smith's life and see what's going on in between Bassist and vocalist Newsted's love life with his wife, in the below mentioned, points; Let's get buzzing!

Dated Jason for 10 Long Years

This often happens with musicians, they are busy touring and keep getting into all kinds of crazy on road stories which at times get inappropriate. But this wasn't the case with Newsted & his partner Smith. 

As per sources, the band was all against Newsted's decision to have a side project, and back in 2000, Metallica took a year's hiatus but Newsted remained firm in his decision about releasing his own music, which got him replaced, and was at a pretty dark place when he met the painter, artist and designer  Nicole Smith in 2002. She held him together, as he was on a self destructive path!

As he was into drugs and prescribed medication a first few years were just about supporting him, helping him release album with Echobrain, and also worked as a production manager alongside her brother in-law and Echobrain's Adam Newsted. 

She is a Painter

Nothing significant is known about Nicole Leigh Smith's career choices, so far all we know is that she is a painting artist, and has worked as a production designer for her then-boyfriend, of course Jason Newsted's side project's production designer.

The pair first met in 2002, back when Jason was trying to get into painting. She reportedly was his coach who inspired him to paint, and as a result he is a well known painter who has had exhibitions in different parts of States.

We don't know if she designed the band's first album's cover or not for a fact, but some tabloids have claimed that the cover was her design.

Married Jason Newsted in October 2012

After, Jason was inducted to the Hall Of Fame, and had played a few monumental shows with the Metallica, another happy moment hit his life, he and his bae finally tied the knot for good, back in october of 2012, which was 10 years after they started dating. 

Looks like the pair had commitment issues, or may be they didn't wanted to label their love life, whatever be the reason, the important thing is that the pair has been together for over 18 strong summers now! Like we said, they are now married for 7 straight years.

They Don't Have Children Together

Another shocking fact about this 18 years strong power couple is that they don't have any children, as of 2020. The pair might be planing one, but so far, only the pair knows when is the right time to reproduce.

So these were some interesting facts about Nicole Leigh Smith, who is Musician Jason Newsted’s Spouse, keep up with Glamourpath for more.