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Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe: The Son of Hollywood Star Boris Kodjoe

Published Sun Feb 25 2024 By Nancy
Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe: The Son of Hollywood Star Boris Kodjoe

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is a talented basketball player representing the German U16 National Team. His skills were on display at the FIBA Under 16 European Championship 2022, where he showcased his basketball prowess despite his young age. 

Beyond his promising basketball career, Kodjoe is also recognized as the youngest child of renowned German actor Boris Kodjoe and American actress Nicole Ari Parker.

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe's Wiki/Bio

On October 31, 2006, Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Boris Kodjoe, the accomplished German actor and former fashion model, never fails to extend warm wishes to his son on his special day. 

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is a talented basketball player.
Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is a talented basketball player.
Photo Source: Instagram

In 2023, Boris marked Nicolas's 17th birthday with a heartfelt message, playfully reminding him of their father-son dynamic: "And don’t call me 'bro.' I’m your father, not your homie. Call me 'Dad.' Or 'Papi.' Or 'Sir.'" 

The bond between father and son seems strong, with Boris often sharing glimpses of their relationship. Nicolas, currently a high school student, enjoyed his prom night in June 2023 with his girlfriend Marlowe Hutter, indicating a happy and fulfilling life as a teenager.

How Rich is Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe?

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe comes from a rich family, so he has had a very comfortable life. Even though he is a talented basketball player, he hasn't started earning money professionally yet, so he doesn't have his own net worth.

In contrast, Kodjoe's father, Boris Kodjoe, boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million. Boris has amassed his wealth through a successful career in modeling, acting in movies and television, entrepreneurial ventures, networking, and various lucrative endorsements.

Similarly, Nicolas's mother, Nicole Ari Parker, also holds a net worth of $5 million, mirroring Boris's financial standing. Together, the couple has a combined fortune of $10 million.

Nicolas, along with his parents, resides in Manhattan Beach, California, where Boris purchased a home in 2018 for $2.68 million, providing them with a comfortable and stylish abode.

Exploring Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe's Basketball Journey 

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe exhibits a burgeoning talent in basketball, demonstrating remarkable promise in the sport. He has notably represented Germany as a member of the U16 National Basketball Team. 

Furthermore, Boris Kodjoe's son has competed in several prestigious events, notably the FIBA U16 European Championship 2022, Division B. Additionally, he showcases his skills while playing for Rolling Loud, donning jersey number 32. 

On his Instagram account, boasting over 13,000 followers, Nicolas predominantly shares content related to his basketball endeavors. Boris and Nicole take immense pride in their son's accomplishments on the court, celebrating his success with unwavering support.

Is Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe in a Relationship? 

Yes, Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe, son of Boris Kodjoe, is currently in a romantic relationship with Marlowe Hutter. The couple, who are high school sweethearts, seem deeply committed to each other. 

 Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is in a romantic relationship with Marlowe Hutter.
 Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is in a romantic relationship with Marlowe Hutter. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Kodjoe publicly declared his affection for Hutter on October 24, 2023, by posting a photo with her on social media, captioned "All Mine" with a heart emoji matching the color of Marlowe's outfit, which was blue. 

Although Nicolas and Marlowe do not frequently showcase their relationship on Instagram, they share many affectionate moments together. Marlowe maintains a low-key presence on social media, with her Instagram account @marlowehutter set to private, yet she has amassed over 1500 followers.

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe Parents Relationship

Boris Kodjoe and his wife, Nicole Ari Parker, is the perfect example of true love. Their journey began on the set of Soul Food, where Boris found his soulmate in Nicole. Since then, their bond has remained unbreakable. 

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe parents are Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker.
Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe parents are Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker.
Photo Source: Instagram

In 2005, Nicolas Neruda's parents exchanged vows in Boris's hometown in Germany. Opting for cultural harmony and family ties, the couple made Atlanta their home. 

Before finding lasting love with Nicole, Boris had a brief romance with Sanaa Lathan during the early 1990s. Despite attending numerous events together, their relationship lasted less than a year before they chose separate paths.

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe Sibling

Sophie Kodjoe, born on March 5, 2005, is the eldest child of Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. She is a year older than her brother, Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe. 

Unlike her brother, Sophie's passion lies in dancing, and she enjoys embracing life to the fullest. Sophie is currently part of Howard University's class of 2027. 

While Sophie has shown support for Howard University's athlete team at Audi Field, she hasn't shared much about her brother publicly. However, this doesn't mean that the siblings aren't close. 

Sophie Kodjoe's Health Challenges 

Sophie Kodjoe was born with spina bifida, a spinal condition present at birth. Boris Kodjoe has spoken about the family's fears and challenges, including the possibility of paralysis for Sophie. 

To support individuals with spina bifida and further research in this field, Boris and Nicole Ari Parker established the Sophie Voice Foundation, later renamed the Kodjoe Family Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to assisting spina bifida patients and advancing research in the field.

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