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About Nick Sylvester - Music Producer, Who Married Mina Kimes?

Published Wed Mar 03 2021 By Aashika
About Nick Sylvester - Music Producer, Who Married Mina Kimes?

Nick Sylvester is a musician, writer, and music producer. Aside from it, he grabbed the attention of the media and the public when he got married to journalist, Mina Kimes. 

He was born in the United States and was interested in music from childhood. Sylvester obtained his degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and also graduated from Harvard Law School.

Let's look at some facts about Sylvester that people want to know. 

How Much Is Net Worth?

Nick Sylvester has an estimated net worth of $1 million which he accumulated through the music industry. He made his debut as a writer for 'Pitchfork' and has worked with many bands such as 'The Roots', 'Man Man', 'Death from Above 1979', 'Lil Wayne', and so on. 

The singer got immense fame after being a band member of 'The Advantage' and 'Mr. Dream'.  

Mr. Dream band member Nick Sylvester, Matt Marrello, and Adam Moerder.
Image Source: Twitter (@mrdreamnyc)

Inspired By Grandfather

Like every person have their idol of life, Sylvester also has his idol who is his grandfather. He was inspired by his grandfather, which we get to know when he shared a post on his Instagram account. On 15th April 2010, the singer wrote a long message in remembrance of his grandfather. 

The statement was his grandfather used to play horn with a perfect pitch. He spent his childhood and teenage learning how to improvise over old strip club records in his basement. Similarly, he talked about the first instrument that he played was the trumpet. And also used to play the instrument at a wedding and local bars. 

Invested Income in Business

Few people don't know that he is the co-founder of 'Godmode', the music company based in Los Angeles. He also worked for the company as a producer and songwriter. Likewise, Nick is a developer of an app 'Bounce' which assists emerging talents to record the track of their demos. 

Appearance in Podcast

The popular musician has appeared in The New York Times pop music podcast in 2020. In the show, they invited the music artist and discuss how to make their song go instantly viral on social media pages like TikTok. 

Answering, Sylvester told, "It's showing that people want to do more with music than just to listen to it. They want to interact with it; they want to touch it". So, as per Nick interact with listeners on such platforms the song must have a "calling card". 

Married Life 

Nick Sylvester is a married man and is the husband of Mina Kimes, who is an investigating journalist and a senior writer at ESPN, and an NFL analyst. The pair started dating in 2012 whereas Mrs. Kimes uploaded pictures on her Instagram account for the first time on 28th June 2012. 

Later, the media captured them in Puerto Plata in March 2013, where they were enjoying time together. After having more than two years of relationship, the lovebirds got married on 19th September, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, they have been in a happy and successful married life.  

A wedding day picture with lovely wife Mina Kimes. 
Image Source: Instagram (@minakimes)

Pet Lover 

The singer is fond of animals and has kept a dog as his pet. He wrote on his Instagram account that he is the daddy of his dog, Lenny. Nick has always posted pictures and videos with Lenny. 

A photo of Nick Sylvester's dog Lanny.
Image Source: Instagram


Sylvester got a voice sandal when he got suspended from 'The Village Voice' where he used to be a senior associated editor. The reason was a news and culture paper for writing a fabricated cover story in March 2006 which the website published but later removed. 

Later, he apologized for his mistake and wrote, "I deeply regret this misinformation, and I apologize to Lookner for his distress, which I certainly never intended."

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