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Get to Know Nicholas Saban – Adopted Son of Nick Saban’s and Terry Saban

Published Fri Oct 30 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Nicholas Saban – Adopted Son of Nick Saban’s and Terry Saban

Nicholas Saban is popular as the son of Nick Saban, is football head coach of the University of Alabama who has won the SEC Championship.

He is not a biological son but the coach has become his father and shared a special bond. Like his father, Nicholas was also spotted at the match where he instructed the football players.

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What is Nicholas Saban's Net Worth?

Nicholas Saban has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He makes his source of income from the Mercedes dealership.

His father Nick Saban has $70 million as his net worth whereas his salary is $11.2 million per year. He managed to amass as a football head coach. In 1977, his journey of career was started as an assistant coach for Syracuse University, West Virginia University, Ohio State University, the Naval Academy, and Michigan State University.

Later, he served as head coach at the University of Toledo, Michigan State University, NFL, LSU Tiger, Crimson Tide, and the University of Alabama. 

Relationships and Love Life

Saban was married to Kelsey Laney, who was a student at the University of Alabama. The couple started dating from their university days. They shared a daughter together but unfortunately got separated. 

A wedding picture of Nicholas Saban and Kelsey Laney. 
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Father of A Daughter

From his first marriage, Nicholas has one child; a daughter whose name is Amelie Saban. She was born in December 2013. On his Instagram account, he has posted a daughter picture where he wrote a caption where we can see that Amelie is 'Daddysgirl".

Daughter Amelie Saban spent the holiday on the beachside with her father. 
Image Source: Nicholas's Instagram

Current Girlfriend

Nicholas is in a relationship with Samira Magarov. The pair are sharing their adorable pictures on their Instagram account. They are already engaged which was revealed through social media. Let's hope they will marry soon, currently, the love birds are living a happy romantic life. 

Nicholas Saban with his girlfriend Samira Magarov.
Image Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

His father Alabama's coach, Nick Saban met his wife Terry Constable when both were in seventh grade at a science camp. They fell in love and started dating while Saban was studying at Kent State and Constable was teaching in West Virginia. 

At the age of 21, the lovely love birds became husband and wife in 1971. They have been in marriage life for more than 5 decades. The pair decided to adopt children with whom they could make a happy family and the same happened.

Father Nick Saban and mother Terry Constable.
Image Source: The Spun

Has A Sister 

Nicholas Saban is the older brother of Kristen Saban with whom he spent his childhood. As he, Kristen was also one of the adopted children. She is now married woman with her friend since preschool Adam Setas on 30th May 2015 and are now the parents of one son. 

Sister Kristen Saban with her husband Adam Setas and son. 
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Backlashed on Twitter

At the Alabama-Clemson National Championship Game, a picture went viral. A man who wears a white shirt runs over and screams something at Tigers' QB DeShaun Watson. 

On Twitter, people started searching for the man and found that he is the son of Nick Saban who was screaming Watson on Live TV. The people shared that picture and family picture where both pictures look similar. That made Nicholes get hate from fans of the LUS Tiger team. 

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