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Net Worth of Shaniece Lozada - Has Her Own Clothing Business and Wealthy parents

Published Wed Jun 05 2019 By sgn
Net Worth of Shaniece Lozada - Has Her Own Clothing Business and Wealthy parents

The “Livin’ Lozada” star Shaniece Lozada‘s Net Worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. Shaniece earned her fortune from her career as a TV actress, model and her clothing business, SHA by Reflex Clothing Line.

There are not many details about Shaniece Lozada’s father, but Evelyn had mention her baby father as "Some dude from Brooklyn". People watched Shaniece Lozada aka Shaniece Hairston’s transformation from a quiet teenager to a beautiful grown woman via the Basketball Wives, a reality TV show.

Shaniece Lozada's Net Worth and Earnings

The TV actress Shaniece Lozada’s Net Worth is estimated to be at $3.5 million. Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shaniece is a woman with multiple talents. As mentioned earlier she is a model, a TV actress and now has her brand of clothing line “SHA.”

Shaniece Lozada promoting her clothing business SHA.
Shaniece Lozada posing for a cover of a Magazine.
 Image Source: Instagram@shanieceh

In 2017, Shaniece launched a clothing line with Reflex Labeland presented SHA by Reflex. The clothing line is a stylish and a new Athleisure collection where you can have different varieties of products. The cost of the products sold by SHA ranges from $50-$120. Here are some of the products along with their respective prices:

  • Yoga Jumpsuit- Hot Tropics. ($98)
  • Yoga Grip Toe Socks ($19.50)

The massive chunk of cash she receives from her product sales also contribute to Shaniece Lozada’s net worth.

Earning As a Model

 Alongside her clothing line daughter of Evelyn Lozada, Shaniece is also a model. Lozada decided early on that she wanted to be a model. And because her mother was already a part of the entertainment industry, it only helped her cause.

Lozada made a steady start as a model and got her big break when she was signed by major talent agency, Wilhelmina Models in 2015. After this development, her career took off.

Shaniece Lozada on front page of ShuString magazine.
Shaniece Lozada on the front page of ShuString. 
Image Source: Shaniece hairston.

Shaniece has appeared on the covers of several magazines like Vibe and ShuString. According to information, a professional fashion model earns an average income of $310,523 yearly. And since the gorgeous Shaniece is a big name she must make much more than that.

Earning from TV's Series

The multimillionaire Shaniece Lozada has also worked in the TV industry, with her first appearance being in a TV series called The Boris & Nicole Show in 2015. 

Shaniece Loada talking about livin lozada.
Shaniece Lozada on a interview. Image Source: You tube.

Shaniece is also a significant part of a reality TV series Livin’ Lozada alongside her mother, Evelyn. We are sure Shaniece’s salary from the TV series must be grand too.

In 2016, Lozada appeared on several talk shows like Hollywood Today Live, Home & Family, and she also appeared on Hollywood Medium.

Shaniece Lozada’s Lavish Lifestyle

Having an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, Shaniece also tends to have a lavish lifestyle.

Shaniece Lozada on a private jet.
Shaniece Lozada going out in private jet.
 Image Source: Instagram@shanieceh

She visits different exotic places on private jets. She drives a black colored Range Rover which has a starting price of $177,500.

Shaniece Lozada in front of her range rover.
Range Rover of Shaniece Lozada. Image Source: Instagram@shanieceh

Going thorough Shaniece’s social media handle we can see how much she loves wearing branded and expensive clothes. Shaniece Lozada’s estimated net worth of $3.5 million allows her to afford it all.

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