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Net Worth of Amina Buddafly - Salary and Earnings From LHHNY and Other Incomes

Published Wed May 22 2019 By DGM
Net Worth of Amina Buddafly - Salary and  Earnings From LHHNY and Other Incomes

The beautiful Amina Buddafly has a net worth of $600,000 and she made the most of it from her career as a singer and Television Personality.

As most of Amina's family members are involved in music, it is of no surprise that she is a talented singer. Buddafly had no plans when she came to New York but she wanted to make a big name for herself in the industry. By looking at her today, it seems that she stood on her thoughts and still has a long way to go. 

Amina Buddafly's Net Worth and Earnings

The 36 years old ( as of May 2019) Amina Buddafly has a massive net worth of $600,000. Being a reality TV actress on the series of "Love & Hip Hop: New York", she gathered a lot of her net worth from it. And not worth missing, the German born star has earned a lot of fortune from her singing career as well. 

Another fellow actress from the "LHHNY", Erica Mena's Net Worth is of $350,000 and has a very good earning from the show. And in comparision, Amina has been the lead cast for three consecutive seasons. So, we assume that her earning from the show is quite grand, easily around $15,000 per episode.

Amina Buddafly with her two daughters.
Amina Buddafly with her daughters: Cori Gunz and Bronx Pankey. Image Source: Instagram@aminabuddafly

Keeping the TV reality show acting profession aside, Amina Buddafly once had a band with her twin sister Safietou Schmahl which was "Black Buddafly." After Amina signed with Jam Records and then MBK/J Records, the duo of sisters had to disband. The separation of the twins gave beginning to the single journey of Amina. 

Aminata Schmahl aka Amina Buddafly has an album "Mymusic" which costs $8.99 to buy. Some other albums of Amina include "Mother", "I am Part 1", "I am Part 2" and "Music In My Room." The money that Amina earns from the sales of her songs and albums contribute to develop the huge net worth of $600,000.

Money from Divorce with ex-husband Peter Gunz

After a not so good married relationship with Peter Gunz, the couple ended up getting divorce which was settled in a good manner. 

A picture of Amina Buddafly with her ex-husband Peter Gunz.
Amina Buddafly with her ex-husband Peter Gunz. Image Source: XXL Mag

The ex-pair have two daughters together Cori Gunz and Bronx Pankey. Even though no information was given, Amina surely must have got paychecks from her ex-husband Peter for the divorce settlement and to raise their children. As Peter has a net worth of $500,000, we easily assume that he shouldn't have given less money for settlement.

Amina Buddafly owns an Expensive Car

Having a net worth of $600,000, it is not unusual own an expensive car like Range Rover which costs a minum price of $89,500. The price tag isn't much of a deal for Amina and owns a black Range Rover Car.

A picture of Amina Buddafly with her range rover.
Amina Buddafly with her black range rover. Image Source: wikiFeet

Expensive and High Profile Lifestyle

The "Boy Bye" singer Amina has also done dental surgery to improve her beautiful smile and has also inked 10 tattoos on her body. As we'll know how expensive it is have a surgery and tattoo, we can probably know that Amina has spent a lot of money on them. Plus time to time maintenance also charges a lot which she has to bear. 

A picture of Amina Buddafly in a beautiful blue dress.
Amina Buddafly in gorgeous blue dress. Image Source: Amina's Instagram account

Amina Buddafly lives a very high profile lifestyle and has all the expensive stuffs we desire. From wearing expensive clothes and dresses to carrying branded bags, she has it all. And is it necessary to mention that she lives in New York City? How expensive is life in NYC y'all can imagine at your own. So, her massive net worth of $600,000 is holding her back pretty amazingly.

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