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Nate Bargatze's Wife: What Makes Their Relationship Stand Out? Find Out Now!

Published Wed Jan 17 2024 By Marie
Nate Bargatze's Wife: What Makes Their Relationship Stand Out? Find Out Now!

Laura Bargatze is an American podcast producer and the spouse of the well-known comedian Nate Bargatze. Nate, who achieved fame by winning the New York and Boston Comedy Festivals in 2013, has been happily married to Laura for over a decade. 

Despite her husband's celebrity status, Laura chooses to live a more private life, away from the public eye. Let’s explore the romantic relationship between Laura and Nate. 

Laura and Nate met while working at Applebee’s

Nate Bargatze's journey into comedy began more than two decades ago, but his relationship with Laura had modest origins. The couple first crossed paths in their early 20s while working together at an Applebee’s restaurant in Tennessee, with Nate as a host and Laura as a server. These roles became a source of comedic material for Nate, as humorously depicted in The Greatest Average American.

Nate Bargatze and Laura Bargatze in Vietnam.
Source: People

Reflecting on their early days during a stand-up special, Nate shared an anecdote about Laura's initial impression of him. When asked if she foresaw their future success, Laura humorously responded, "When I met him, he was a host, and I didn’t think he was smart enough to be a server. So, yeah, we’ve got a little bit farther than I expected."

Despite the humble beginnings, Nate made a lasting impression on Laura. On The Nateland Podcast, Laura recounted a memorable evening when Nate, along with their Applebee colleagues, played The Little Mermaid soundtrack. He confidently hushed everyone, showcasing his ability to command attention. Laura was charmed by his self-assured demeanor, noting that anyone who could play The Little Mermaid soundtrack and quiet a group of 20-year-olds had a unique and appealing confidence.

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Laura was Supportive of Nate's Comedy Ambitions

After his stint at Applebee’s, Nate Bargatze transitioned to a more stable career as a meter reader for a water company. At this point, he and Laura were still dating, and Nate viewed this job as a secure and long-term option.

Despite the stability, Nate's ambitions were different. While still a high school senior, he envisioned himself performing at Zanies, the renowned Chicago comedy club, in 10 years. This dream led him to make a pivotal decision. When he and a friend discovered a comedy college in Chicago, Nate chose to leave his county job and pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Laura, his girlfriend at the time, was fully supportive of this life-changing decision.

Nate Bargatze sitting with his wife Laura Bargatze at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
Source: People

Nate emphasizes the importance of having a supportive partner in the entertainment industry. On The Nateland Podcast, he stated, “If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that is going to be in the way, then you gotta choose. This is a thing that’s a commitment, you’ve got to make sacrifices to hopefully live a life that nobody gets to live.” Today, Nate credits Laura's encouragement as a crucial factor in his journey to becoming a successful stand-up comedian.

Laura and Nate have been married since 2006

Nate Bargatze proposed to Laura in 2005 while he was navigating the comedy scene in New York City, and Laura was living and working in Tennessee. The surprise proposal took place during one of Nate's visits, as he popped the question on a carriage ride through Central Park, a detail they shared on The Nateland Podcast.

Laura Bargatze and Nate Bargatze at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in April 2022 in Las Vegas. 
Source: People

Laura expressed her complete shock at the proposal, and they went on to tie the knot on October 13, 2006. Interestingly, their wedding day fell on a Friday the 13th. Discussing their wedding further, Nate revealed that his mother and Laura were the masterminds behind the planning and jokingly added that "they’re both cheap." One notable area where cost-cutting was evident was the choice of the DJ, whom Nate's mother hired. The less-than-ideal DJ got super drunk and played the same song three times in a row.

Beyond the comedic anecdotes, Nate often shares heartfelt sentiments about his relationship with Laura on social media. On their 17th wedding anniversary in October, he posted a touching message on Instagram alongside a picture of the couple with their daughter, Harper: "Friday the 13th turned out to be ok. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I love you, Laura. Happy Anniversary!"

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Laura and Nate have a daughter, Harper

Nate and Laura celebrated the arrival of their first child, a daughter named Harper, born on July 8, 2012. As Harper has grown, she has actively participated in her father's comedy career. She had the honor of introducing Nate on all three of his specials, consistently welcoming him with the phrase, “Please welcome my daddy, Nate Bargatze!”

Nate Bargatze with his wife Laura Bargatze and their daughter Harper Blair Bargatze.
Source: People

Nate frequently incorporates his experiences as a father into his stand-up routines, touching on topics like the challenges of third-grade homework and the uncertainties of knowing which bus Harper rides. Their father-daughter dynamic extends beyond the stage, as the two sit down to watch some of Nate's jokes about Harper for a Netflix project. Top of Form

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