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The Interesting Life of Natalya Krasavina

Published Fri Jan 21 2022 By aayush
The Interesting Life of Natalya Krasavina

Natalya Krasavina is a Russian-born Instagram model. She is widely popular for her body shape which has very much appealing features. She was born on April 5, 1991, in Russia.

Natalya is Christian by religion and is of mixed ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Krasavina is 5feet 5inches(165cm) tall beautiful lady and weighs around 55kg. 

Natalya's Early Life And Her Family Hidden From Public

There is not much known about the model's education and her childhood days. But we do know that she graduated from a private college in Moscow, Russia.

Beautiful Natalya Karsavina. Source: [email protected]

Similar to her parents, the model's father Mr.Lee is a well-known businessman in Russia and her mother worked in the model industry that is all that the public knows about them.

Beginning of The Russian's Career as a Model

Krasavina initially started her modeling career by posting pictures on Instagram which were quickly able to grab the audience's attention. The model right now has amassed more than 7.3 million followers on her Instagram @natalee.007 in a short time. 

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Her modeling career started when she graduated from a private college in Moscow, Russia. In her career, she has worked with big fashion brands such as GUESS, FASHION NOVA and also has been seen on the cover page of MAXIM. The Russian FASHION NOVA model also works as a DJ and goes by the name DJ NATALEE.007. 

Net Worth

Model Natalya Krasavina has already amassed a net worth of $2 million which primarily comes from her career as a model as it is her primary source of income.

Natalya Karsavina in a beautiful dress in Dubai. Source: [email protected]

The GUESS model also gets some sum of money from her Instagram posts and also has her career as a DJ along with some business endorsements on her Instagram profile.

With these many paths of income, she is living a luxurious life in her own lavished house in Moscow.

Who is Natalya Krasavina Dating?

Natalya Krasavina is unmarried to date but it is no secret that the sizzling hot model has been dating Marvin Maalouf. Maalouf is a photographer and the man himself owns MarvinStudious and MarvinModels. 

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The couple started dating after they worked together for a while. Being a photographer he has taken lots of stunning photos of his beautiful girlfriend, Natalya Karsavina. 

Surgeries and Tattoos 

There has not been any significant news about Natalya's surgery but the fans have said that she had got her nose done. But even after that being said the model still is naturally beautiful.

Talking about tattoos the most visible and noticeable one is the piece of art running through her right thigh. Where she has inked a huge seahorse which has covered the whole outside portion of her thigh.

Natalya Karsavina showing off her thigh tattoo. Source: [email protected]

The other tattoo is below her right ear, a dollar sign is tattooed but it is a small one. 

Natalya Karsavina Personal Life

Talking about her personal life Krasavina hits the gym regularly to keep her body in good shape as she flaunts her body all the time and is well known for its curvaceous. 

The model mostly likes to go out and mostly to the seaside as we can see in most of her photos on Instagram. 

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