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Natalie Hanby

Published Wed Jun 15 2022 By chanel
Natalie Hanby

Natalie Hanby is an Instagram star and social media personality who rose to notoriety after being pranked by her renowned YouTube prankster brother, Kristen Hanby. She has appeared in his films and has been the target of his elaborate practical jokes and pranks on several occasions.

The emerging Internet star has made the most of her celebrity and is now forging her own online brand. She is of British nationality, and her ethnic background indicates that she is of mixed origin. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she is 32 years old at the moment. In addition, she is a devout Christian who is the mother of two lovely children.

Family Details

Born on December 10, 1990, on the Island of Jersey, England, her mother’s name is Giselle Hanby, her father, on the other hand, remains unknown to the general public. She was reared with her sister, Bryony Hanby, and brother, Kristen Hanby. Natalie is the one that gets pranked the most by her brother Kristen Hanby for his YouTube films out of the three Hanby siblings.

The social media influencer has kept the specifics of her early years hidden since there is no information regarding her educational background or life before she rose to fame.

Natalie Hanby's Husband

Natalie Hanby is a married woman who has a spouse named Ruben Fernandes. The duo appears to be in love and looks nice together. Every year in late July, they commemorate their wedding anniversary. 

In Frame: Natalie Hanby, husband Ruben Fernandes, children Lexi Amelia, and Atlas Fernandes enjoying their vacation. (Source: Natalie Hanby's Instagram)

Despite the fact that she publishes images of herself with her spouse and child, her husband is active on social media but not as much as she is. She uploaded a snapshot of herself, her kid, and her husband on Christmas Day 2020, wishing her supporters a happy holiday season.

Hanby's Children

Hanby is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. The couple's children are named Lexi Amelia and Atlas Fernandes. Lexi was born on April 12, 2012, and Atlas was born on August 5, 2021.

The celebrity mother has previously sent her heartfelt messages and birthday greetings on Instagram. Atlas is nine months old, while Lexi is 10 years old.

Severe Illness

The online sensation is a cancer sufferer who has kept her illness hidden from the public eye. She shared a selfie with her brother in May 2019 in which she discussed three months and four rounds of chemotherapy.

Natalie was in a festive mood after surviving her health hurdle and was in good health at the time of her post. She was grateful to her brother for being there for her during her road to recovery.

Body Measurements 

The emerging social media celebrity has a beautiful figure: her height is roughly 5'5′′ (1.65m) and her weight is approximately 55KG. She does, however, exercise and go to the gym on a daily basis in order to maintain her figure and keep fit and healthy.

Her dimensions are 34-24-25 inches, and she has a slender and fit figure.
She, too, is a lovely woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Moreover, she has tattoos on her left hand, her legs, and her stomach.

Who is Natalie’s brother Kristen Hanby?

Kristen is a YouTuber, Singer, and Comedian who uploads pranks, vlogs, and music videos to his channel. He was born on March 8, 1993, in Jersey, England, to a Christian family. He created his YouTube account and began uploading pranks and other videos there. He uploads pranks on a regular basis, often including his sister Natalie. He is one of the richest pranksters in the entertainment industry.

              Natalie Hanby and her brother Kristen Hanby posing for a cool photograph.                 (Source: Natalie Hanby's Instagram)

Kristen Hanby, Natalie's brother, makes amusing and entertaining films and posts them on his social media accounts. He has a large fan following that helps him to be one of the most engaging and popular producers across many platforms. His mania is largely noticed among young people and children in numerous nations.

The Brother-Sister Bond

We can sense their connection and affection for each other not just in real life but also in the videos. For them pranking each other is their love language.

Constant pranks and jokes about Natalie are played by Kristen. Well, Natalie herself is a great prankster too. When Kristen is pranked by a member of his own family or friends, it is hilarious to see.

Youtube Channel

On August 26, 2020, she launched her YouTube page and posted her debut video, Some Things Never Change. Natalie mostly uploads pranks videos on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube subscribers number has been concealed, however as of 2022, her cumulative views on her videos have surpassed 196,795 views.

Kristen Hanby, who joined YouTube on September 21, 2011, now has over 3.07 million subscribers and 441,388,167 views on his channel. 

OnlyFans Account

If you're curious, the answer is yes. She also has an account on OnlyFans where she delivers premium stuff for her fans and followers.

Unseen and behind the scene footage are uploaded there and fans seem to enjoy it a lot as she has more than 24.7k likes there.

Net Worth

Natalie Hanby's net worth is believed to be $1.5 million. Her earnings stem from her work as a social media influencer. She also generates money from her accounts through advertisements, sponsorships, and endorsements. Her brother Kristen, who has a net worth of $6.98 million, may have motivated her to pursue a career as a social media star.

                                        Now that's Natalie Hanby flexing her dollar bills.                                          (Source: Natalie Hanby's Instagram)

The mother of two is a fantastic social media celebrity who has capitalized on the chance offered by her brother's videos to establish her fame and earn money. She is likely to continue to thrive in the online arena due to her focus and drive.

Social Media Accounts

Natalie Hanby has established herself as a well-known Instagram star, with a large following on her account thanks to her amusing and entertaining posts. She is, nevertheless, still working hard to advance in her job.

At the present, the social media star's Instagram account under the username @nathanby123 has almost 700,000 followers. Her Instagram page features a variety of photographs and videos from her daily life, as well as happy moments with her family and pranks. Hanby also has a Facebook page called "Natalie Hanby," where she has over 25k followers and has uploaded several images and videos.

Her TikTok account handle named @nathanby123 has 553.1K followers. Her videos have received over 3.5 million likes. On her TikTok account, she has a lot of entertaining, dancing, and lip-syncing videos that a lot of people adore and like.

On the other hand, Kristen’s Instagram account with the username of @kristenhanby has more than 7 million followers. Hanby also uploads his movies to TikTok, where his admirers enjoy watching his short yet amusing videos. They are never shy in expressing their love for him and his family. He has over 7.7 million TikTok followers and is frequently included among the platform's hot creators. Similarly, his like counts on Tiktok as of 2022 are 297.6 million.

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