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Facts About Natalie Casanova - "Kicking & Screaming" Actor & YouTuber

Published Fri Sep 27 2019 By Akki
Facts About Natalie Casanova - "Kicking & Screaming" Actor & YouTuber

Natalie Casanova aka TheZombiUnicorn is an American gaming YouTuber, TV personality, and social influencer. She has appeared in hit TV series like; The Attack, Hot Pepper Game Reviews, and Kicking & Screaming. 

Natalie was born on April 15, 1987, in the United States of America and has Aries as a birth sign. She belongs to white ethnicity/races and holds American citizenship.

Here are 10 facts about Natalie Casanova's life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Natalie Casanova has an impressive net worth of $800,000, which she accumulated through her professional career as a gaming YouTuber and TV personality. She also sales jewelry stuff online through Etsy, a vintage items e-commerce website.

Natalie won $500,000 grand prize in 2017 Kicking & Screaming reality TV game show.

Natalie Casanova taking picture with her friend.
Natalie Casanova pose for a photo with her friends.
Image Source: Insta@thezombiunicorn

Lavish Life  

Being a prominent YouTuber, Casanova lavish life revolves around meeting fans and well-wishers attending YouTube Conventions and parites. She spends a massive amount of her fortune over cosmetic products and clothes. She loves to get body painting and tattoos from the a-listed artist.

House in California

Like most of the celebrities, Natalie also owns a lavish house in Los Angeles, California. According to the Zillow, the Los Angels houses price starts at $200,000. 

Romantic Relationships

Currently, Natalie Casanova is a single woman and it's very good news for her crush. Previously, she dated her fellow YouTuber Steven Suptic aka MlgHwnT. The duo couldn’t stand together for so long and got broke up shortly.

Education - Alma Mater 

TheZombiUnicorn attended Brookhaven Community College and studied journalism from 2009-2011. After that, she joined Austin Community College and got graduated in journalism in 2013.

Body Measurement 

Natalie Casanova is the mother of beauty with a seductive figure matching perfectly in the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall. She has sexiest moles on her lower left cheek like Marilyn Monroe. She has natural black long hair and stunning dark brown eyes.

Natalie Casanova pose for a picture.
Natalie Casanova taking a photo.
Image Source: Insta@thezombiunicorn


TheZombiUnicorn has multiple tattoos on her body each holding a different meaning with it. She has beautiful pink blue colored traditional vaporwave aesthetic inked on her left lower arm. She has colorful moon & southern cross constellation tattoo over her right arm.

Fitness Freak 

Natalie is very concern about her health and fitness and maintained her hypnotic body figure. She believes in sweating for her healthy life and works hard. She has a never give up attitude and mostly found in gym center doing heavy exercise.

Dog Lover 

Casanova is kindhearted women, who has a heart for animals. She owns a cute papillon breed black colored dogs "Rufio" and "Ravioli". She loves to cuddle and play with her pets on free hours. She goes for a long walk with her dogs, whenever she felt bored enough staying home.


The Vegan diet has been very popular among celebrities and Natalie Casanova is one of them. She has been practicing eating fresh vegetables avoiding meat and animal products. 

She keeps inspiring and motivating peoples providing information regarding vegan benefit. She keeps uploading videos and pictures of the vegan diet along with their cooking method on her Instagram.

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