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Meet Naomi Wirthner - Get to Know Stephen Dillane's Wife

Published Sat Mar 27 2021 By Aashika
Meet Naomi Wirthner - Get to Know Stephen Dillane's Wife

Naomi Wirthner is an actress and director who has worked in numerous series and movies. She is known for appearing in "Breaking Point". Naomi is the owner of the theater company, "The Barebones Project". 

Aside from professional life, the actress grabbed the attention of the media as the long-term partner of Stephen Dillane. She was born in 1985 in London in the United Kingdom. 

Take a look at the below passages to know more about Wirthner. 

Relationship with Stephen Dillane 

Mrs. Wirthner is married to a promising actor, Stephen Dillane. The couple began their relationship in 1988 and decided to tie the knot. They have been in more than three decades of romantic love life.

Though they are secretive people and keep personal life info away from the media. The pair are happily living together with their two children. 

Naomi Wirthner's husband Stephen Dillane.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Proud Mother of  Two 

She is the mother of two children, Frank Stephenson Dillane and Seamus Dillane respectively. Wirthner gave birth to her first child on 21st April 1991, likewise, her second child's date of birth wasn't revealed.

Her youngest son has followed in his parent's footsteps and works as an actor. Frank has played in the fantasy film "Harry Potter" as Tom Riddle and "Half-Blood Prince".   

Frank Stephenson Dillane and Seamus Dillane.
Image Source: Pinterest

How Much Is Net Worth and Income Source?

Naomi Wirthner has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million which she accumulated from her acting career. She initially started her profession in the television industry in 1990 by appearing in "EI C.CI.D" as a nurse.

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Later, featured as Mrs. Banthorpe in "Between the Lines". The actress appeared in "Wycliffe", "Breaking Point", "Soldier Soldier", "Baby Father", and "Fiona's Story". Currently, she is running her theatre company "Barebones Project". 

Hair Style

As we know the "Between the Line" actress has done various hairstyles. She has always seen different hairstyles such as deadlock with various colors. Naomi is one of the actresses who got the chance to act in numerous shows and movies with her hairstyles. 

Different Hairstyle of Naomi Wirthner. 
Image Source: Twitter

Who Is Stephen Dillane?

Wirthner's husband, Stephen Dillane is a well-known personality of Hollywood. He is a prominent actor who has appeared in numerous movies and series. The actor has won awards like the International Emmy Award for Best Actor and was nominated for his outstanding acting. 

His acting skills can be seen in "Faith Healer", "The Tunnel", "How It Is: Part One", "The Real Thing", "Hamlet", and so on. He has made around $6 million through his acting professional career. 

Social Media Active

The "Babyfather" actress is quite active on social media platforms. She has an account on Instagram where her followers are more than 1,073. There Wirthner usually posted pictures of quotes and supporting the charity organizations. 

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