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Facts About Moonda Tee - Former Wife of Nicholas Brendon and Actress

Published Fri Jul 17 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Moonda Tee - Former Wife of Nicholas Brendon and Actress

Actress Moonda Tee is known for her remarkable work in the films like Crossbreed, Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark, and In Security. She became a headline of many new papers when she dated popular actor Nicholas Brendon.

Tee and Brendon got married in the year 2014 but unfortunately, the couple got separated in 2015. They have already moved on with their life.

Take a look at some unknown facts about Tee.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Moonda Tee’s net worth is approximately $1 million which she made through her acting career. She has appeared on many TV, movies and short films. 

Married Life to Divorce

She exchanged her vows with Nicholas Brendon at Las Vegas on 1st October 2014. After five months, the pair couldn’t handle their marriage and divorced on 14th February 2015. They didn’t share any children. After separation also, they stayed as friends.

Moonda Tee wedding picture with former husband Nicholas Brendon.
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Ex-Husband's Previous marriage

Her former husband was a married man before meeting with Tee. His first wife is actress Tressa DiFiglia. The ex-couple tied their knot in the year 2001. Their marriage location was Carlsbad, California. Brendon and DiFiglia’s married life in 2007.

Nicholas Brendon's with his ex-wife Tressa DiFiglia.
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Acting Career 

She stepped in the entertainment industry in 2018 in the film ‘Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark’ in a minor role. 

After that, she appeared in ‘In Security’ as a lead actress. The film is directed and written by Aaron Doolittle. Tee also played a small role as a club dancer in ‘Crossbreed’ in 2019. She has starred in a short film called ‘Abby Singer’.

Sports Fan

Tee loves to watch and play Hockey. She never misses a match and always visits the hockey stadiums whether it organizes inside the country or out of the country. She frequently follows the National Hockey League (NHL).

Has one pet 

Crossbreed’ actress has a dog. She often shares her and her pet picture on social sites. She loves to spend her time with her dog by playing. 

Chain Smoker and Alcoholic

Moonda Tee was spotted many times smoking in front of media which shows that she is a chain smoker. She is addicted to alcohol too. 

Moonda Tee's pictured when she was drank and smoking.

Piercing and Tattoos

The beautiful actress has done piercing under her month which suits her face. She has one tattoo on her arms which is of her dog that shows how much she loves her dog. 

Her piercing and tattoos.

Different Hair Color

Tee often changes her hair color. She spotted in many different colors like blue, purple, green, pink, and red. 

Tee's red hair color.

Lives in Low Keys

After divorce, Moonda Tee started living in a low profile. She works in front of the camera but she never comes personally. She is a very secretive person when it comes to her personal life.

Social media presence

'Abby Singer' actress is active on social networking platforms. She has Instagram and Twitter with 1,553 and 504 followers respectively. She has kept her both account private. 

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