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Facts About Moniece Slaughter - American Star and LAHH Star

Published Fri Nov 01 2019 By aisha
Facts About Moniece Slaughter - American Star and LAHH Star

Moniece Slaughter is a television personality, songwriter, model, and singer who is best known for her roles in Love & Hip Hop, Dr.Phil, and many more. 

Slaughter was born on March 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. to Mr. Michael Lloyd Slaughter and to Mrs. Marla Thomas. Here are some facts about Moniece:

What's Her Net Worth?

Moniece Slaughter has an estimated net worth of $5 million from her multiple careers as an actor and singer. She has earned this fortune from being in a reality show Love & Hip Hop, doing modeling and photo shoots for Vault, Fashion Bomb Daily, and many more. 

Two Siblings

Moniece Slaughter brother DJ Thomas smiling on the camera
Moniece Slaughter's brother DJ Thomas
Image Source: Ice Cream Convos

Moniece has two siblings one brother DJ Thomas and one sister Drew Thomas. Her brother was sent to rehab because of the alleged heroin and marijuana addiction. 

DJ Thomas was mentally unstable as he was found running naked in the street of Las Vegas saying he was not shy to walk around without clothes and would disappear from the house for several days.

Affairs and Relationship

Moniece Slaughter has encountered five failed relationships till now. At the age of 19, she got pregnant to Durrell's Tank' Babs's baby but later the pregnancy led to abortion due to their age gap of 11 years. Then she dated Lil Eazy E (2005 - 2007) who was an American rapper for two years. 

Slaughter was in a relationship with Lil' Fizz (2008-2012) for four years. She has dated Rich Dollaz for one year (2014 - 2015) and has dated her female co-star A.D. Diggs for two years (2016 - 2018). Slaughter was recently dating Scrapp DeLeon (2018 - 2019) for one year.

Son - Kamron David Fredric

Slaughter has one son named Kamron David Fredric with Lil' Fizz who was born on January 8, 2010, and is now 13years old. The couple got engaged but when David was two years old the couple's relationship didn't work out and they got separated. 

Love and Hip Hop

She is a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2014 - 2019) and has played a total of 82 episodes. She earned $500k per season from Love and Hip Hop.

Stepdad- Dave Thompson 

Dave Thomas is the stepfather of Moniece. He is the group member of Take6 which is an American Cappella gospel sexted formed in 1980 that has bagged 10 Grammy Awards. Moniece says David is a great influencer and has inspired her to pursue a music career from her childhood. David also took the responsibility of teaching drum to Moniece at a very early age

Body Measurement

The beautiful actress stands 5 feet 7 inches (170) tall with an amazing body figure of 32-24-36 inches. 

American Next Top Model 

Moniece Slaughter was rumored to take part as a contestant in the reality television competition 'American Next Top Model' but later the rumor was false and we knew that she was the theme song singer of the competition with Tyra Banks.

Moniece is a Bisexual

On the right side Moniece Slaughter with her girlfriend on left side in an interview smiling
Moniece Slaughter with her girlfriend 
Image Source:

In 2017, Slaughter dropped a video on Instagram confirming her sexuality about being bi. She said that she is a bi-sexual woman and has always been in an interview with VladTV. 

Disowned by Being Bisexual

Moniece Slaughter's father Mr. Michael Lloyd Slaughter disowned her and left her family because she opened up about her sexuality in one of her Instagram videos about being bisexual. She added by saying it's her father's loss that he disowned her and has been giving credit to her biological father, David for being an amazing father which Michael was never.

Moniece has posted three reasons why her father disowned her on her Instagram post above.

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