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Where is Monica Diaz? Former Wife of Comedian Russell Peter and His Baby Mama

Published Tue Apr 04 2023 By sush
Where is Monica Diaz? Former Wife of Comedian Russell Peter and His Baby Mama

Have you ever heard of Monica Diaz? Well, she is an American television personality who came to recognition as the wife of the American-Canadian comedian, Russell Peters. You must be surprised to know that the comedian was married before Ali Peters. However, it's true.

Monica Diaz is the first wife of the comedian Russell Peter. She is also his kid, Crystianna Marie Peters' mother. The couple got married back in 2010. According to sources, his wife, Monica is from Panama. She was born on April 24, 1989. However, just after being together for two years, the couple got divorced.

The news of Monica and Russell's wedding, pregnancy, and divorce caused a huge ruckus back then. However, after the divorce, she disappeared from the media and is nowhere to be seen. So, who is she? Let's find out.  

What is Monica Diaz's Net Worth? 

The net worth of Monica Diaz is estimated to be over $500k. However, there's no validity to the information. After Monica got separated, she vanished into thin air and nothing was to be found. Even when she was with Russell, her profession, career, and income weren't revealed. 

Monica Diaz and ex-husband, Russell Peters.
Monica Diaz and ex-husband, Russell Peters. (Source: The Frisky)

However, her ex-husband, Russell Peters is a well-known standup comedian. Moreover, he has collected an estimated net worth of over $75 million. Well, it's all thanks to his Indian jokes that usually cover up his entire show, he has gathered a huge community of supporters. 

Russell Proposed Monica On Airport

As already mentioned above, Monica Diaz was married to the comedian, Russell Peters. According to sources, Russell and Monica had been dating for a while before they decided to get married. Moreover, it's a famous story that the comedian proposed to his first wife at an airport. 

Monia and Russell got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas on August 20, 2010. As per the report, they had only around 20 guests, invited to the wedding which was held at the little chapel. However, just a month before their wedding, Russell had dropped on one knee and proposed to Monica in a dramatic way at the Los Angeles International Airport. 

Russell Peters and Monica Diaz's wedding.
Russell Peters and Monica Diaz's wedding. (Source: Langfield Entertainment)

The story of Russell proposing to Monica became quite a hot topic. Well, though not to be expected less from the comedian, that was pretty surprising, even from him.

Monica Had A Clean Divorce

Monica and Russell seemed to be living the perfect life of a married couple. However, as it always is, the story was different from what was seen. 

Just after two years of getting married, Russell and Monica got divorced in 2012. As for the reason for their divorce, the comedian said that it was "irreconcilable differences". He said:

"We just realized we rushed in and didn't know each other and when we got to know each other we were kind of like, 'Hmm, I don't think this is going to work out for the rest of our lives,'" he said, adding, "I didn't want to wait until my daughter was older and got used to seeing us together and really mess with her head."

- Russell Peters

However, though the couple got separated, they didn't have any hard feelings for each other. When he announced his divorce, he also said that he is using all the money that he saved on their wedding on the divorce. 

Kids: Pregnancy Was The Cause of The Marriage?

The former couple, Russell Peters and Monica Diaz share a daughter named Crystianna Marie Peters. Moreover, they welcomed their daughter just after four months of their marriage, on December 14, 2010. And so, the question was there, did they marry because Monica was pregnant?

Monica Diaz and ex-husband, Russell Peters with their daughter, Crystianna Marie Peters
Monica Diaz and ex-husband, Russell Peters with their daughter, Crystianna Marie Peters. (Source: Yahoo News Canada)

After Russell announced the pregnancy of Monica on Twitter, the topic soared on the internet. Everyone was talking about their marriage and pregnancy after just a few months. And then, the comedian came up in the Canadian Express to reveal the truth.

According to Russell's interview, he and Monca didn't get wed because Monica was carrying his child. However, he did say that the pregnancy was the reason that helped advance their wedding plans faster. 

"Did I get married because she was knocked up? I would say that expedited it" 

Nonetheless, it seems that Monica is taking primary custody of the kid. Moreover, she is also seen with Russell often on his social media. So, they both seem to be taking care of her well. 

Height & Weight

Russell Peters' ex-wife Monica is a beautiful woman who stands at a tall height of 5 ft 9 inches (181 cm). And she is reported to weigh around 58 Kg (127 lbs accordingly). 

She is a beautiful woman with dark luscious curls and blue eyes. Moreover, her body measurement is reported to be 35-28-30 inches.

Is Monica Available On Social Media?

As stated above, Monica vanished from the media as soon as she got divorced from Russell. And so, she isn't available on social media. However, her ex-husband, Russell Peters is active on all sorts of social media platforms and has gathered a huge fanbase. 

Russell is active on Instagram as @russellpeters. He is pretty active on the platform and has over 524k followers. Similarly, he is active on Twitter as @therealrussellp and has a larger community of over 3.8 million followers. Moreover, his official Facebook page, "The REAL Russell Peters," has over 1.4 million followers. 

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