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Facts About Molly Grantham

Published Sun Dec 11 2022 By dishant
Facts About Molly Grantham

Molly Grantham is a successful woman who is famous in her work field, and she has also been rewarded for her outstanding work toward her dedication. Currently, she is working as an anchor for WBTV News and is a well-known host. 

Molly was born on May 11, but her exact date is still unknown. She was born in Pennsylvania, United States, with the birth sign of Tauras. She holds an American nationality and follows the Christain religion. She used to live with her parents and lived luxurious life without any financial problems. 

Early Life and Education 

Molly was born in Pennsylvania, where she lived with her parents and siblings. Her father, Joseph Micheal Grantham, and her mother, Wilsie Moss Hartman, had four children; Molly was the only girl, and the other three were boys. And she was raised in Pennsylvania and had a happy childhood. 

I'm a "Daddy's Girl". Always have been. Colon cancer took my hero dad way too early.

Molly Grantham with her father during her childhood.
Source: Instagram (@molly_grantham)

In 1995, Molly went to McCaskey High School, where she completed her high school journey. After completing high school, she attended the University of North California, Chapel Hill. She completed her bachelor's there and also earned a bachelor's degree of Arts in Broadcasting Journalism in her pocket. 

Similarly, she also thought about joining intern classes at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney. 

Career Beginnings 

Molly Grantham started her career in 1999 at WTVD-TV in Raleigh, Durham. She worked there for a few months knowing that she needed more advanced work in her career. So, she made VHS tapes of her work and sent 70 videos to a different television stations in the United States. Looking after her tapes, WLEX-TV called her for her job. 

Molly Grantham, with her working partner, looks happy.
Source: Instagram (@molly_grantham)

Similarly, she continued her work at WLEX-TV, but the result was the same. So she again tried to send a work tape, but before sending videos, people working at WBTV were impressed and immediately employed Molly to work for them. And now she is currently working for WBTV, located in Charlotte, United States. 

Relationship Status 

Molly Grantham is a famous journalist for her work field, and the beautiful lady was engaged to Wes Hyland on June 17, 2007. The lovely-dovely couple had their marriage ceremony at Fort Fisher, North Carolina, and welcomed two children, Parker Grantham and Hutch Grantham

Similarly, there is no sign of an opposite discussion. The couple lives luxuriously together, and there is no sign of divorce. And the beautiful couple's relationship is accepted by both parents.  And the four family members are living happily in Pennsylvania without financial problems.

Let's know More About Wes Hyland.

Wes Hyland is a famous Author who was born in the 1930s in Ohio, United States, with the zodiac sign of Gemini. He holds an American nationality and follows white ethnicity. Wes lived with his parents in his childhood and was raised in Ohio.

Molly Grantham with her husband Wes Hyland, and both look happy.
Source: This Blog May or May Not Suck

Hyland earns an estimated net worth of $5 million from his profession and successful career. And he is living a prospective life with her wife, Molly, in Pennsylvania. 

$7 Million Net Worth of Holly Grantham

Molly Grantham is a famous journalist with an estimated net worth of $ 7 million, which she earns from her profession and hard work. Similarly, she earns $73K per month as her salary, and she has 2.98% engagement, from which she makes around $131- $218 per post on her Instagram. 

The millionaire Holly has earned a lot of wealth, fame, and respect. She made this hefty amount through the different work she had done. She also has various sponsors who help to increase her income. And she is saving some of her pay for her future and to live a quality life. 

Social Media Appearance 

Holly is a famous journalist who is also widely active on social media platforms, earning millions of fans and followers. She usually posts about her daily life and work pictures on her Instagram. And she also tries to talk with her fans and followers in her free time.

Molly has around 30k followers on her Instagram with less number of following. She also uses Twitter, where she has about 25k followers.  But she is less active on Facebook, where she has few followers, which can be counted in numbers. 

Hobbies and Interest 

The famous worldwide journalist has similar interests as an ordinary human being. Molly is interested in travelling and hanging around with friends. She is also interested in outdoor games and loves watching basketball and baseball matches. 

Watched the sunrise this morning with my first and biggest baby.

Molly Grantham with her dog, whom she loves the most.
Source: Instagram (@molly_grantham)

Grantham is also a pet lover and has a black dog in her house. As seen on her Instagram, she loves her profession and enjoys hosting different programs.

Body Measurements 

Molly is a famous journalist, hardworking in her profession, and curious about her health. So she avoids unhealthy and junk foods. She also does regular exercise and works out to maintain her body. 

Molly has a height of five feet seven inches and a weight of 67kg. She has a chubby body and looks gorgeous in her Hazel eye colour and Blonde hairstyle.  

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