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Molly Baz - Food Editor and Taster | Facts About Culinary Master

Published Wed Aug 11 2021 By Kri
Molly Baz - Food Editor and Taster | Facts About Culinary Master

Molly Baz is a North American chef, food stylist, recipe developer, video host, and cookbook author with a large fan following. She is a senior associate food editor for the food-based magazine Bon Appetit. 

She is a cook with a lifelong love for cooking, eating, and teaching other people how to cook. 

Early Life 

Molly was born on 9th May 1988 in North America. She graduated from Skidmore College with a B.A degree in Art History. Before gaining such fame she worked as a line cook for various companies. 

In 2013 she started her own catering company in Brooklyn, New York known as "Rustic Supper". After that, her career in cooking started to grow slowly.

Net Worth

Molly Baz with her successful career has a whooping net worth of $1 million. She earns her wealth by developing recipes, hosting videos, writing food articles, and recording podcasts. She has also published her own book "Cook This Book".

Molly Baz for Bon Appetit Magazine 
Source: Instagram/@mollybaz

She also works at Epicurious as a food taster. She also works as a freelance journalist. she has traveled to many countries to learn their traditional cooking methods. Molly with the involvement in various activities earns enough to live her life in full satisfaction. 

Happily Married

The American food stylist Molly Baz is happily married to Ben Willett who is a creative director working on his spatial designing firm Willett Creative. They got married in the summer of 2017 in front of close friends and family members in Bilthewood, New York. 

Molly Baz with her husband Ben Willett on their wedding photoshoot
Source: Instagram/@mollybaz

Molly's husband is as talented and hardworking as her. He has already worked for high-profile companies like Addidas, Apple, Gap, Noth Face, Microsoft, and Jordan.

On the occasion of their first anniversary, the couple went to Portugal to spend their time together. Also as expected from the food lover, Molly together with her husband spent most of their time together exploring various cuisine of Portugal.

Molly Baz with her husband Ben Wilett on a vacation
source: Instagram/@mollybaz

Molly and her husband also went on a vacay in Mexico before they were married to each other. The couple's happy time with each other was shared on Molly's Instagram.

Rumors About Pregnancy

After some time after marriage numerous rumors circulated about the couple being pregnant. The hints about their pregnancy were also given by Molly's father of him soon to become a grandfather.

However, there were no official announcements from the couple themselves about the news of pregnancy. The couple shared they currently have no plans of starting a family rather they are focused more on their career.

Molly Baz:Trivia 

She is an avid dog lover.

Her lucky number is four.

She is a Caesar Salad enthusiast.

She loves traveling and reading apart from her cooking.

She seems very close with her family members. 

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