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Facts About Miyako Fujitani – Steven Seagal’s Ex-Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Published Tue Sep 10 2019 By Akki
Facts About Miyako Fujitani – Steven Seagal’s Ex-Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Miyako Fujitani is a Japanese martial art instructor, actress, and writer, and founder of the Famous Tenshin Dojo. She came to limelight as an ex-wife of an American actor and martial artist Steven Seagal. 

She was born on Sunday, February 3, 1952, in Osaka, Japan. Her birth sign is Aquarius and belongs to an Asian ethnicity/races.

Here are 10 facts about Miyako Fujitani life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Miyako Fujitani has a whopping net worth of $1 million which she amassed from her different endeavors. She is an actress and martial artist, who has dedicated more than half of her life as an Aikido instructor. 

According to the Neuvoo, the average martial arts Instructor salary in the USA is $43,875 annually, whereas its report, a martial arts instructor earning ratio range from $11,000 to $74,588 per year depending upon their experience and popularity.

Miyako Fujitani demonstrating her skill.
Miyako Fujitani showing her Aikido skill.
Image Source: Pinterest

Lavish Life From Profession

Being a prominent Aikido instructor, Fujitani lives a lavish life traveling different places around the world living in a luxurious hotel attending championships matches and seminar. 

Ex-Husband - Steven Seagal

Miyako Fujitani was previously married to an American actor Steven Seagal. The former couple first met at Los Angels airport in July 1974. The duo starts to develop a feeling for one another from their few met and tied the knot on December 1974. 

The pair have two children from their marriage. The ex-couple separated following Seagal's returning to United Stated to run Dojo and divorced officially in 1987.

Two Children 

Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal are parents of two children; a son Kentaro Seagal and a daughter Ayako Fujitani. 

Kentaro is an actor, who is married to Yin Tze and has a child. He was born on October 3, 1975, in Osaka, Japan. 

Ayako is an actress and writer, best known for her role as Asagi Kusanagi in Gamera movie series. She was born December 7, 1979, in Osaka, Japan. She is married to a writer and producer, Javier Gullon in 2016.

Body Measurement 

Being a martial artist, Miyako has maintained her athletic body build. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m) tall. She has a pretty smile with hypnotic black eyes and remarkable natural black hair.

50 Years in Aikido Martial Arts

Fujitani had a keen interested in learning martial art as per protecting herself from bad peoples. She has been practicing arts of Aikido for more than 50 years and holds the rank of 7th dan.

She has been continuing her legacy as an Aikido instructor motivating young people to join. 

Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal got caught together.
Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal together in a photo.
Image Source: Pinterest

Fujitani's received her first-degree black belt from Morihei Ueshiba, a founder of Aikido.

Tenshin Dojo 

Tenshin Dojo is one of the famous school of Aikido located in Osaka Japan. The Dojo was founded in 1976 by the former couple, Miyako Fujitani and Steven Seagal. 

She is head instructor of the Aikido Tenshin Dojo and has been teaching over 50 years, as we mentioned earlier. 

Writes Poems and Essays

Fujitani is also a writer as apart from being an Aikido instructor. She has been writing poems and essays about the foundation and her Aikido experience.

On-Screen Debut

Fujitani made her on-screen debut with E! True Hollywood Story in 2002. She appeared in season 07 episode 05 along with her ex-family members Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, and Adrienne La Russa.

No Social Media Presence

Miyako Fujitani isn't active in any social sites, where she has been busy through her career. She loves to focus on her family and work rather than hanging out online.

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