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Mirtha Jung - George Jung's Ex-Wife

Published Mon Mar 21 2022 By sijal
Mirtha Jung - George Jung's Ex-Wife

Mirtha Jung is a public figure and former actress of the movie Blow who was a drug addict but after being rehabilitated she changed her life to live an ordinary happy life. She mostly got the limelight as an ex-wife of a top cocaine smuggler of United States George Jung.

Mirtha was born on December 3, 1952, in Santa Clara, Cuba to an ordinary family. She divorced her drug dealer husband after many ups and downs in marital life.

 How was the early life of Mirtha?

As she was born in a middle-class family it was getting hard for her to get proper food and shelter. In such cases, people are mainly involved in an illegal way of earning money. Mirtha started to do illegal work(drug, heroin, and cocaine dealing) at an early age. 

She didn't even complete her formal level education which affected her career afterward. However, her other siblings were able to achieve a good education and started to work in their own way.

Professional Career

Mirtha Calderon is professionally known as Mirtha Jung was extremely fantasized about becoming rich and living a lavish lifestyle. However, she got fame after her role was featured in the movie Blow which was based on the biography of her mafia and smuggler husband. 

The film was played by Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp. She spent most of her lifetime rounding jails and police stations. But after getting released she improve herself to be an ordinary lady and works as an entrepreneur.

Mirtha Jung in a party with her ex-husband George Jung wearing a floral gown
Mirtha Jung with her former husband George Jung. source: @MEAWW

Net Worth

Although the ex-wife of the substance dealer had a great income by partnering in supplying drugs to the borders but was totally an illegal thing to do. But even now as well she is living a comfy life away from the illegal world she is still earning well.

The total estimated net worth of Mirtha Jung is $200,000 as an ordinary entrepreneur. Besides that, she is a good writer and poet as well and had published many good content books with interesting poems.

How was the marital life of Mirtha?

As Mirtha Jung was already working under the drugs suppliers and she met the mafia smuggler George and fell in love with his charm.

After, dating for a year they finally decide to tie their wedding knot back in 1977. But after six years of marriage, Mirtha got caught and spend half of her life there.

Mirtha Jung's ex-husband and daughter together in an program
Mirtha Jung's late ex-husband George Jung and daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. source: @Naibuzz

On the other hand, George was suffering from health problems. Their marriage ended in 1984 with all the custodies and paper agreements. After, releasing from jail Mirtha finds out her ex-husband has died of liver failure and stayed with his family for a while.

How many children does Mirtha have?

Mirtha Jung and George Jung were blessed with a beautiful daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung on August 1, 1978. As her parents were in the worst condition cause of their illegal activities Kristina was raised by her grandparents and uncles.

 Mirtha was keeping her daughter far away from the illegal world she was living in as much as possible. Kristina proved her parents and is now a reputed singer and songwriter.

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