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Meet Miranda Pak - Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife

Published Thu Jan 13 2022 By sijal
Meet Miranda Pak - Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife

Miranda Pak is a beautiful bold woman and model who is famous for being the ex-wife of versatile actor Terrence Howard. 

She was featured in HIN (Hot Import Night) an auto show featuring domestic, compact, and tuner car companies in 2012. But now she owned a restaurant (Shabu Shabu Bar) based on Japanese theme foods in California.  

Short Biography

Pak was born on June 1, 1977, in Vancouver, Canada as Mira Pak. She is American-Canadian by nationality and also had half Korean blood.

This beautiful woman was born in an average family in the USA. She is happily married and is a mother of 5 children.

Marital life and Husband

Miranda Pak had several ups and downs in her marital life. As previously mentioned her ex-husband Terrence Dashon Howard proposed to her and did their wedding vows in 2013.

After having two children these lovebirds decided to get split up and officially got divorced in July 2015. 


Miranda with her ex and future Husband Terrence Howrd
Miranda Pak with her Ex and Future Husband Terrence Howard. source: Instagram@theterrencehoward

Was her ex-husband married before? 

Terrence Howard, the ex-husband of Miranda had been the husband of two women before her (Lori McCommas and Michelle Ghent). 'Hustle & Flow' actor had a bad and short marital life before.

Terrence Howard with his ex-wife Michele Ghent
Terrence Howard with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent in the promotion of the movie 'The Ledge'. source:@NY Daily News 

Domestic Violence Allegation Against Her Ex-Husband 

After divorcing Lori McCommas. Howard once again remarried her but got separated just in 2 years.

Lori and Michelle both accused Howard of assaulting and causing them deep physical injuries. But after some months the case was closed.


Miranda Pak has an average annual income of $100,000. But her ex-husband earns much more than her income estimate of $6 million for being an actor and producer.

Is Miranda Pack Back With Her Husband?

Being apart from each other Miranda and Terrence were upset for sure and finally, in 2015 on the Emmys red carpet they enter together and made fans' assumptions true. 

These love birds were spotted on charity occasions as well.

Miranda and Terrence  together after divorce
Miranda Pak and Terrence Dashon Howard beautiful family photo with their children.source: Instagram@theterrencehoward

Did Terrence Howard and Miranda Pak get Remarried?

'Empire' actor Howard couldn't lose his love Pak and in one of the dinner nights at the Crustacean Beverly Hills restaurant he proposed to her with a 7carat rose gold diamond ring. 

It was reported the jewelry was made by Ben Baller.

Miranda and Terrence Got engaged after being divorced for years
Future Mrs. and Mr. Howard again got engaged at Crustacean Beverly Hills Restaurant. source: Instagram@theterrencehoward

Terrence Howard and Miranda Pak are not officially married but they are the parents of five beautiful children. 

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