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Facts About LAHH Star Miles Brock

Published Wed Jul 31 2019 By DGM
Facts About LAHH Star Miles Brock

Miles Brock is a popular American rapper and a reality television personality. He rose to fame after appearing in the 2nd season of the hit VH1 show 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'.

Brock, who is better known as 'Siir Brock' was born on the 31st of July in Los Angeles, California. Here are 10 facts about Miles Brock:

Net Worth of Miles Brock

As of 2019, Miles holds a whopping net worth of $500,000 which he has amassed from his successful career as a rapper-songwriter, CEO and TV star.

CEO of Just Lovela

Brock earns some portion of his worth as a CEO of Just Lovela which is a brand that produces custom apparel including clothing accessories such as caps, watches and bags. He generates a good amount of dollars as a CEO of the company ranging somewhere between $50,000 to $150,000 a year.

A picture of Miles Brock showing off the clothing items from his company.
Miles Brock showing off the clothing items from his company.

Lives a Lavish Life

The holder of such a huge net worth seems to be making the correct use of his money by spending them on traveling and all other stuffs that rich people do. 

From wearing branded clothes and accessories to traveling the world's best places, he does them all. So far, the rapper has been living quite a successful lavish life.


Spending money on inking body isn't something new for celebrities these days which is also the case for the black-American rapper. Yes, he has multiple tattoos on his body which include both of his arms and neck part. 

We can easily know that he surely might have gone to the best tattoo artist for getting his job done and spent a pretty huge money because the tattoos are so wonderful and such masterpieces.

Is a Gay?

The 31 years old (as of 2019) songwriter is a gay which he has openly accepted in front of the world. He has even been in a relationship with another open gay rapper, Milan Christopher. He doesn't feel ashamed about being what he is and won't hesitate to open up about himself.


Brock has been in a relationship with a fellow gay rapper, Milan Christopher who was his co-star in the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (LAHHA). They were the first ever gay couple to appear in any of the Love & Hip Hop show but the broke off later on. 

Long before, Siir Brock dated Milan, he dated a rapper and actress, Amber Laura for more than five years. Throughout their relationship, Amber didn't have any idea about her boyfriend's bisexuality and that he was a gay. Though the two of them haven't stated officially, people speculate that Brock is the baby father of Laura's second daughter.


Rumors circulate that Miles is the father of Amber's second daughter Karter Chanel. While some even believe that he is also the daddy of her elder daughter, Zoh'ie Airel, he has a very lovely and wonderful bonding with his step-daughter despite the fact that her mamma and Brock has separated a long ago.

A picture of Miles Brock with his daughter, Krater Chanel.
Miles Brock with his daughter, Krater Chanel.

YouTube Channel

The alleged father of one has his own channel on YouTube which has got 2,391 subscribers and uploaded 3 videos till date. There haven't been posts lately, the videos present in the channel are from 2,3 years back. So, you'd be disappointed if you want to see any new video from his channel.

Social Media Presence

The ex-boyfriend of Amber Laura is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has gained a total of 255k followers along with 245 posts on Instagram whereas he has tweeted 202 tweets and amassed 41.1k followers on Twitter.

Body Measurements

Miles Brock stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) with a body mass of about 76 kg (166 lbs). His body measures a measurement of 41-31-33 inches and owns a pair of black eyes with natural black hair.

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