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Who is Milan Tyson? Boxer Mike Tyson's Daughter Who Plays Tennis Internationally

Published Mon Jan 24 2022 By aayush
Who is Milan Tyson? Boxer Mike Tyson's Daughter Who Plays Tennis Internationally

Milan Tyson is one of the most renowned names in Junior Tennis. She is in the limelight for being the daughter of the famous American boxer Mike Tyson.

The American born tennis player was born in 2008 but the actual birthday and her zodiac signs are kept out of the reach of the public.

Early Life and Education

Being born as a child of one of the most famous names in the history of boxing such as Mike Tyson, Milan's each and every wish was probably fulfilled by her dad.

Milan Tyson wearing a black adidas hoodie with airpods on
Milan Tyson in front of a garden. source: Instagram@milantyson

Although detailed information regarding her studies and schooling is not brought out to the limelight. Hence, it is not known by the public. 

Milan's Parents

Talking about Milan's family, Mike Tyson's daughter might be enough to tell about her. She is the second youngest child among Mike Tyson's six children.

The junior tennis player's mother is Mike Tyson's third wife, Lakiha Spicer whom he married in 2009 after getting divorced from his second wife, Monica Turner in 2003. 

Along with Milan, the boxer also has a second daughter with Lakiha, Morocco who was born in 2011. 

Walking on her Father's Footsteps as an Athlete

Milan Tyson's father Mike Tyson is happy that his daughter is also following in the sporty footsteps of her father as she is involved in tennis. She has appeared in many national and international level tennis games.

Milan Tyson in tennis court wearing a pink sleeveless and blue skirt
Milan Tyson in tennis court. source: Instagram@milantyson

We can see that the junior tennis player is very dedicated in her career as a tennis player as she is being coached by Coco Gauff’s coach and Serena Williams’s coach.


As she is just a child and has not been officially working yet there is no defined net worth of the celebrity child but she is probably living lavished as she is the daughter of Mike Tyson, who holds a net worth of $3 million.

Personal Life and Social Media

Furthermore, talking about Milan's personal life, She has not revealed it to the public totally. Most of the things about Mike's daughter have been kept secretive.

The little girl has been very active on Instagram as she has already amassed more than followers on her official Instagram. 

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