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Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Published Wed Jun 15 2022 By pragyik
Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe is famous as the smash History Channel show "American Pickers" creator and star. He has made a name for himself by dominating the world of "picking," Picking is where the treasure is discovered in old barns, crumbling sheds, and decaying warehouses that line America's back roads and main streets.

Mike developed a name for himself as a professional treasure hunter before venturing into Hollywood. He traveled throughout the country in quest of "rusty gold" to buy and sell in one of his two Antique Archaeology businesses. His Antique Archaeology businesses, located in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee, sell genuine vintage and antique finds and official Antique Archaeology goods.

Early Life:

Mike Wolfe was born in Joliet, Illinois, on June 11, 1964. Rita, Mike's single mother, raised him and his two siblings, Beth and Robbie. He began picking at an early age after the family moved to Bettendorf, Iowa, stealing old bikes from a neighbor's trash. 

Picture of Mike Wolfe posing for a photo by smiling and having charming look inside a garage.
Photo of Mike Wolfe in a garage. (Photo Source: @google SugarFries)

Wolfe afterward began seeking for goods to sell in alleyways and abandoned houses. Mike went to Bettendorf High School and graduated from Sudlow Intermediate School, where he met future "American Pickers" co-host Frank Fritz.

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Personal Life:

Mike is an American Television host who welcomed a daughter, Charlie, on January 30, 2012, with Jodi Faeth. Mike married Jodi on September 8, 2012, after dating for 18 years. Charlie was born with a cleft palate, and by the time she turned one, she had already had two surgeries to fix the problem. 

Picture of Mike Wolfe with his beautiful wife Jodi Faeth and his cute daughter Charlie posing for a family photo in garden
Photo of Mike Wolfe with his beautiful wife Jodi Faeth and his cute daughter Charlie. (Photo Source: @google WoodGram)

Wolfe and Faeth were inspired to become Operation Smile ambassadors due to their experiences. Jodi was diagnosed with stage 2 non-lymphoma Hodgkin's in December 2013, and Mike announced on Instagram in May 2020 that Faeth had been cancer-free for six years.

Career Of Wolfe:

Mike attended elementary school, and Wolfe began seeking antiques and other hidden gems. He was first drawn to vintage bicycles, which led to a career in competitive racing and establishing The Village Bike Shop. In Le Claire, Iowa, he founded Antique Archeology in 2000, and in Nashville, Tennessee, he opened a second store in 2011. Wolfe started selling his lighting line, Restorations, at the Nashville store in 2012.

Mike's reputation for uncovering buried treasures drew The History Channel's attention, and "American Pickers" launched on January 18, 2010, with over three million viewers. It was the network's highest-rated premiere since the premiere of "Ice Road Truckers" in 2007. Mike has also launched Two Lanes, an American-made apparel and accessories line, and owns Two Lanes Guesthouse, a rental property in Columbia, Tennessee. In addition to his work on "American Pickers."

Net Worth Of Wolfe:

Mike Wolfe, like Fritz, has a thriving business, including Antique Archaeology, which specializes in antiques. He also runs Two-Lane Guesthouse, a Main Street vacation rental in Tennessee. He has a genuine net worth estimated to be around $7 million, based on all of his earnings and enterprises.

A popular reality show like "American Pickers" turns out to pay well. Mike Wolfe, the show's co-host, is currently the one who earns the most money. Wolfe is paid $500,000 per season of "Pickers," according to Celebrity Net Worth Reporter. On the other hand, Fritz was paid $300,000 for each season.

Wolfe's House:

Wolfe bought a 5,100-square-foot home in Franklin, Tennessee's Leiper's Fork neighborhood in 2012 for $182,200. The house has a library, four porches, a phone booth, and a fenced-in dog run, and it sits on 32 acres. In 2018 they bought another home for $375,000. In 2019 he bought a house in North California for $450,000. And finally, in 2020, he bought a house in Tennessee for $1,050,000.

Picture of Mike Wolfe posing for a photo inside one of his luxurious house with old school cycle in backgraound.
Photo of Mike Wolfe inside one of his luxurious houses. (Photo Source: @google Nashville Lifestyle)

Mike and Jodi added marble countertops and new light fixtures to the kitchen, and Wolfe said he knew he had to buy the property when he saw the basement with barn doors (ideal for storing his 40 motorcycles).

Wolfe's Cars:

Mike has a net worth of $7 Million which he earned from his career as a television host, treasure hunting, and selling antique archeology goods. He also earns lots of money by making a special appearance, real estate, and promoting products.

Even though he lives in a very luxurious house, he owns only four cars. He owns an early 1950s Ford F1, tagged for $50,000. He owns a VW Van 62, which is tagged for $52,000. He also owns a VW single cab which is tagged for $6160. And he finally owns a VW beetle 53, which is tagged for $28,000.

Wolfe's Commercial Estate:

Wolfe, in January 2009, the History Channel star paid $100 for business property in his hometown of LeClair, Iowa. The Shameless Chocoholic occupies the 3,168-square-foot structure. He invested $115,000 in December 2010 on another business property in LeClair. He purchased the site next door for zero dollars in March 2013. The space is rented out by One Twenty Nine Coffee & Spirits. Mike spent $97,000 in September 2011 on another commercial property in Le Claire.

He spent $23,000 on the site next door in November 2013 to expand Antique Archaeology. Mike also bought a store for zero dollars in Franklin, Tennessee, in September 2014. Mike spent $400,000 in December 2016 on a property in Columbia, Tennessee, now a cycling shop. In January 2017, he paid $575,000 for another commercial property in Columbia, Tennessee. He also paid $200,000 for two business properties in Tennessee's downtown area just feet apart in June 2018.

Where Does Wolfe Spend His Money?

Mike is an American famous for the smash History Channel show "American Pickers," creator and star. He has a net worth of $7 million as of 2022. He earns money from his career as a public figure, selling Antique Archaeology goods. 

He spends money buying houses in different and same blocks. He also spends money buying cars. He owns four cars which are all vintage. He has also bought several business properties and rented them to people.

Social Media:

Mike is famously known for the smash History Channel show "American Pickers," who is a creator and star. He is famous for his work as a television host, public figure, real state businessman, and businessman selling Antique Archaeology. 

He is available on some social media platforms where some fans follow him. He has an Instagram account, @mikewolfeamericanpicker, where he has more than 450K followers. He also has a Twitter account, @AmericanPicker, with more than 161k followers. He also has a Facebook account, @Mike Wolfe American Picker, with more than 1.4 million followers.

Body Measurement and Height/weight 

Mike is famously known for the smash History Channel show "American Pickers," who is a creator and star. He is famous for his work as a television host, public figure, real state businessman, and businessman selling Antique Archaeology. 

Even in his old age, he has maintained his body shape, which indicates he is a person who loves to maintain the perfect body shape and health. He has a body measurement of 45-30-16-9. His chest size is 45, his waist size is 30, his biceps size is 16, and his shoe size is 9 inches. He weighs 68 kgs (154 lbs) and has a height of 183 cm (6 inches). He has brown-colored eyes enhanced with black hair.

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