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Michelle Vawer’s Boyfriend is Everything You Dream Your Husband to Be

Published Thu May 09 2019 By admin
Michelle Vawer’s Boyfriend is Everything You Dream Your Husband to Be

Our fave swimwear model babe Michelle Vawer has her soulmate boyfriend and he is “everything” us ladies want in a man. He cooks, loves dogs and babies, and is no doubt a very supportive man. 

Michelle's man's name is Ari Taymor and he goes by the username @aritaymor on Instagram and is active there giving us all the drools of the masterpiece he creates in the kitchen and of his “oh so amazing girlfriend”.

Food Lover Michelle Vawer’s Boyfriend Ari works as a Chef at a restaurant called Little Prince in Los Angeles. He, along with couple of his friends had the idea to start this venture when they were out for a surf trip. It has exactly been a year since Little Prince was established (Date: 7th May, 2018). He has been called the Iron Chef by a winery which hosted their 10th Annual Cabernet Cook off VIP Preview and thanked Little Prince for joining them.

Michelle Vawer and Ari Taymor kissing.
This is the picture which made Michelle Vawer and Ari Taymor's Relationship Official.
Image Source: Instagram@michvaw90

The Model and Chef couple goes on vacations together and doesn’t fail to make all of us go awwwwww *heart eyes and emojies*.

Michelle Vawer and Ari Taymor are the parent of two beautiful dogs, one named Lily and the other named Dylan. 

The dogs are very well taken care of and are healthy and loved very much. They have a special story highlight named after them on their mum’s Instagram as Lily for Lily and Dyl Pickle for Dylan and many pictures posted on her feed too. Both the dogs are also a part of their daddy’s eye catching Instagram feed.

Michelle Vawer with her Boyfriend Ari Taymor.
Fashion Icon Michelle Vawer and her beau Ari Taymor with their dogs.
Image Source: Instagram@aritaymor

Michelle and Ari made their relationship an Instagram official on his birthday with a caption “Happy Birthday @aritaymor Thank you for being my happy place” AWWWWWWW!!!! Ari did his share of being an Instagram official couple on 7th September, 2018. 

Michelle and her boyfriend posts stories of their food show and how she has the body of a goddess will always be a mystery to us. 

The tattoo on Ari’s chest in Indian Script is pronounced as (Shanti) which means peace. This ink makes Michelle’s man more appealing and hot.

We would love to see Michelle Vawer and her super sexy boyfriend Ari Taymor to exchange their sacred vows and shiny diamond ring soon. I am thinking who will make their wedding cake. Will it be Ari himself?

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