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Michelle Monaghan Plastic Surgery - Before and After Pictures

Published Mon Oct 14 2019 By DGM
Michelle Monaghan Plastic Surgery - Before and After Pictures

The famous American actress, the 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' star, Michelle Monaghan has been linked with several rumors of going under the knife and having plastic surgery multiple times.

Michelle has always denied having any sort of cosmetic surgery done to her body. She has stated that she would try every possible method before going under the knife by any means. Here are the surgeries that she is alleged to have done:

Michelle Monaghan Before & After

Michelle has been through some changes from her successful career as a Hollywood actress. She has changed drastically when it comes to her beautiful and flawless face. But is her face natural at all? Lets take a look at the picture given below from her past and present:

A picture of Michelle Monaghan before (left) and after (right).
Michelle Monaghan before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Felva

Though there haven't been any significant changes on the face structure of Monaghan, people are accusing her for the some slight portion of changes she has had which are given below:

Face Lift

Michelle Monaghan has been rumored to have her face lifted through plastic surgery. The tight facial skin and flawless skin features have been highly indicating the possibility that she had a face lift. 

Plus, there aren't any aging symptoms such as wrinkles and dark circles on her face despite the fact that she has already reached 46 years old. It is just unbelievable how magnificently she has been maintaining her face. If she really didn't went for the surgery, we respect how she has been maintaining herself.

Botox Injection

Peter White's wife has been alleged to have her face injected with Botox injections. The reason behind this is the glowing and sparkling white skin of her face. It just never loses its shine and she is always perfect and beautiful. 

So, people have been guessing if the actress indeed opt for the magical treatment of Botox injections on her face.

Nose Job

The 43 years old Michelle Monaghan has also been accused of having her nose done with the help of a surgeon's knife. It is because there have been slight alteration in the formation of her nose. 

Her nose used to have a little bit more thinner appearance in the past in comparison to the thicker and broader nose along with a sharpened tip at the present days.

A picture of Michelle Monaghan before (left) and after (right).
Michelle Monaghan before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Pixie Forever

As with other rumors, Michelle has denied this rumor too and insists that going under the knife isn't something meant for her. She also added that she would not have any surgeries in the near future as well.

What Does Michelle Thinks About Plastic Surgery?

The mother of Willow Katherine White and Tommy Francis White has always negative opinion when it comes to having any type of plastic surgery on her body. She thinks that cosmetic surgeries aren't meant for her. She states that acting is a process of showing emotions without not necessarily speaking. 

Furthermore, Michelle Monaghan also said that altering your face could hamper the natural process of her acting. Therefore, she would try every possible method available before actually going for them in the future too. 

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