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Facts About Michelle Grace – Ray Liotta’s Ex-Spouse Wife and Karsen Liotta’s Mother

Published Sat Sep 14 2019 By Akki
Facts About Michelle Grace – Ray Liotta’s Ex-Spouse Wife and Karsen Liotta’s Mother

Michelle Grace aka Michelle Messer is an actress and producer, who is very famous for her work in hit movies like; Baseball Wives (2002) and A Rumor of Angels (2000). She is also widely known for being wife and mother of Ray Liotta child.

Grace was born on Wednesday, 14th of December, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Her Zodiac is Sagittarius and belongs to white communities. 

Here are 10 facts about Michelle Grace life; 

What's her Net Worth?

Michelle Grace has a net worth of $700,000 and her major source of income is her professional career as an actress and producer. She is the producer of crime drama mystery movie; Narc (2002), which had a huge box office success of $12.6 million.

Michelle Grace taking a picture with her ex-husband Ray Liotta.
Michelle Grace and her ex-husband Ray Liotta pose with their pets.
Image Source: George Holz

Lavish Life 

Grace lives lavish life driving on the ocean, riding in Yacht, taking a sunbath on the beach, and hiking in hills and mountain. She travels different part of the world to learn the history and culture, participating in the festival and eating traditional foods. 

Ex-Husband - Ray Liotta

Michelle Messer was previously married to an American actor and producer, Ray Liotta. On 15 February 1997, the duo walk-in aisle and exchange the vow kissing in the witness of an Elvis Presley impersonator in Los Vegas. The couple enjoyed every single moment of their marriage life and share a child together. 

The pair have remained close friends even after divorce in 2004 to give their little princess best life.

Michelle Messer and Ray Liotta taking a picture together.
Michelle Messer and Ray Liotta posing for a photo.
Image Source: Getty Images

First Ex-Husband - Mark Grace 

Michelle was married twice, where she was the first wife of a former baseball player, Mark Grace. The lovebirds had a grand wedding ceremony and tied the knot in the presence of friends and family on 5th November 1988. The two stayed together for a couple of years but couldn't build a strong bond and got separated in 1993.

Daughter - Karsen Liotta 

Michelle Grace has a beautiful daughter Karsen Liotta with former suppose Ray Liotta. She is the only child of the former lover, born in December 1998 in the United States. She has taken footstep to her parent's path and established herself as an actress.  

Karsen has appeared over the number of hit movies including; Mississippi Requiem (2018), Prettyface (2016), and A Rumor of Angels (2000).

Body Measurement 

The 50-year-old actress, Grace is a single woman and mother. She has a pretty charming face with a cute cheek, sharp jawlines, and billionaire dollar white smile. She has beautiful eyebrows with heart taking brown eyes and natural black hair. 

Resemble Elizabeth Taylor 

Michelle Grace is one of the gorgeous actress film industry every had. She looks like a late Britain-American actress  Elizabeth Taylor, that anyone can get confused thinking her as Taylor. 

The credit for her debut movie; The Rat Pack (1998) goes to her look, which resemblance to a young Elizabeth Taylor.

Michelle Grace taking a picture with her ex-husband Ray.
Michelle Grace and her ex-husband Ray spotted together.
Image Source: Getty Images


Grace is a writer besides as an actress and producer. she showed her another side of talented publishing book "The Outliar" in 2017. Her book done well with sales and got a positive review from critics and the public. The book is available online on, where it's cost around $12.49 for the paperback.

Low Profile Life 

Being ex-wife of two famous entertainers, Grace has gained a lot of media attention and public interest. Besides all those, she likes to live life out of spotlight maintaining privacy over her private life. 

No Social Media Presence 

Unlike her ex-husbands, the Baseball Wives producer, Michelle Grace hasn't been involved in social networking sites. 

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