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Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgery | Before and After Pictures

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By DGM
Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgery | Before and After Pictures

The late American singer and dancer Michael Jackson had been the host of different plastic surgeries as he went under the knife several times.

Jackson denied most of the surgeries and said that he only had two surgeries but his mother herself told that he opted for cosmetic surgeries many times. Here are the surgeries that the legendary dancer had:

Michael Jackson Before & After

The 'You are Not Alone' star Jackson went through a series of magical transformations throughout his career. From a normal teenager to being one of the appreciated personality in the field of music and dance, his whole body altered so dramatically that it was very hard to notice that it was the same person all the time. 

Lets take a look at how he was and how he became all of a sudden:

A picture of Michael Jackson before (left) and after (right).
Young Michael Jackson before SUrgery (left) and after (right).
Picture Credit: CBS News

As you can very well see, the 'King of Pop' looks so different in both of the pictures given above. From nose to her lips including to chin, everything seems quite modified.

Multiple Nose Jobs

Michael who died of Homicide openly admitted for getting his nose done multiple times. He also added that all the surgeries that he had on his nose made him easier to breathe. 

In the past, he used to have a thicker nose which changed into a slightly slimmer and sharp one after the rhinoplasty procedure. It was easily noticeable in just a glance that he had some serious work done on his nose.


Restylane which is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments available was also done by the late songwriter himself. The surgery does a magical deed by vanishing and minimizing all the wrinkles and fine lines that the person has on his/her face. This is what Jackson also did as he previously faced a lot of those as he kept aging. As a result, he was gifted with a clean and tightened face with no aging symptoms at all.

Chin Implant

The third-best-selling artist globally is also supposed to have had a chin implant as he didn't used to have a cleft at his chin at the beginning of his career. But as Jackson's career started blooming, his chin introduced a bit awkward and unusual cleft. The following picture is a clear evidence of it:

A picture of Michael Jackson before (left) and after (right).
Michael Jackson when young before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: E Online

From the above picture, there isn't much need of explaining any further that the father of three indeed got his chin done with the helps of a plastic surgeon.

Lip Augmentation

In addition to the chin implants, the fantastic dancer was also speculated to have his lips augmented. The clear reason behind this was that his lower lip appeared more thick in comparison to the upper one in the past but as time flew, both of his lips started appearing equal in proportion. 

Plus, it also seemed like Michael reduced some of the portion of his lower lip and added it to the upper one which is what lip augmentation does. 

Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching is apparently the strongest rumor that the moon-walking dancer has ever been talked about. It is because Michael Jackson was originally an African-American but had white skin all over his body. But it wasn't from his birth, he had white body all of sudden when he was taking a big leap in his musical career.

A picture of Michael Jackson before (left) and after (right).
Michael Jackson before (left) and after (right).
Picture Credit: Movie Predators

People speculate that the artist always wanted to have white skin and hated his natural black skin which made him have his skin bleached with chemicals. 

Rumors also suggest that Michael was suffering from vitiligo and had some white patches on his body which are usually very difficult to treat. Therefore, it is said that he bleached his whole body to cover up the patches caused by the disease. When asked, he said that it was a skin disorder that made him white.

Permanent Makeup

As Michael always appeared so brighter and shiny, he was also accused of having permanent makeup surgery on his surgery. It is basically a kind of treatment which will help the person in having a picture-ready face as if he/she has come from a parlor. As the rumor was highly spread at that time, it was also said that he used special type of water to bath and wash his body

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