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Get to Know Michael David Gershenson – Kate Bolduan’s Husband Who is A Real Estate Businessman

Published Sun Dec 20 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Michael David Gershenson – Kate Bolduan’s Husband Who is A Real Estate Businessman

Michael David Gershenson is recognized as the husband of Kate Bolduan. His wife is a well-known television personality who is a journalist and anchor and worked for the CNN network. 

Gershenson is a real estate businessman who is also the son of a business tycoon, Bruce Alan Gershenson. He was born on May 8, in the 1970s, in Washington D.C., United States.  He pursued a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University. 

Here is some info that helps you to know more about Gershenson. 

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Gershenson has an approximate net worth of $4 million which he earned through his business. His professional life began at Deutsche Bank. 

In 2002, Michael joined the real estate industry, The Carlyle Group, as a Managing Director. In addition, he is the partner of the company and has been involved in more than 75 investment transactions with an all-in capitalization exceeding $3 billion.

Married Life With Bouldan

The real estate businessman Michael David Gershenson is wedded with none other than Kate Bolduan. The couple walked down the aisle in May 2010. 

After 2 years of marriage, they shift from Washington D.C. to New York after Bolduan got a job in CNN net worth as an anchor. They have already lived more than a decade together and is still staying as a happy couple. 

Michael David Gershenson with his beautiful wife Kate Bolduan.
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Two Children 

Michael David is the father of two adorable daughters with whom he spent most of his time. In September, he became the daddy of his first daughter, Cecelia Eve Gershenson. 

Likewise, in December 2017, his wife gave birth to his second daughter, Delphine Esther Gershenson. On the social side, Bolduan always posts pictures of the father-daughter duo.

Two daughters Cecelia Eve Gershenson and Delphine Esther Gershenson.
Image Source: Instagram

Luxurious House

He bought a lavish house for $3.5 million in 2017, in Manhattan. Gershenson and his wife are also a member of the Park Avenue Synagogue. Before it, they were living in a $1.36 million house which was sold for $1.55 million. 

Successful Career of His Wife

Kate Bolduan is one of the prominent broadcast journalists of television. She is an anchor of the CNN network who has her own show, 'The State of America with Kate Bolduan' and 'The Situation Room'. In her past, she served in WTD-TV, House & Garden magazines, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News. The news reporter also podcasting 'The Forecast Fest' since April 2019. 

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